Zeta Interview Experience SDE-1 FrontEnd

2 min readAug 12, 2023

I applied for the opportunity through a referral.

Round 1( DSA round Technical Interview 1): (Duration: 1hr) This was a DSA round. I was asked 2 coding questions. They were as follows:

  1. Given an array of strings, find the longest common prefix among all of them. This was an implementation-based question. I was asked to code it and run it on the editor of my choice. However, I had to code in Javascript as I applied for a frontend role.
  2. This question was scenario based. Given ‘n’ zeta coins, we can divide it into multiple other coins by dividing it with 2, 3, or 4. We need to find the maximum possible sum one can get by doing these divisions. For eg: n = 12, ans = 13 (Recursion+Memoization)

Round 2( Technical Interview 2): (Duration: 1hr 15 min) In this round, I was asked questions specific to my role. I was asked questions on HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React. I have listed the questions below:

  1. Explain different types of positioning in CSS with proper examples. (Absolute, relative, static, fixed, sticky)
  2. Talk about different datatypes in Javascript.
  3. Explain and code map, filter, and reduce functions in javascript.
  4. Difference between == and === in javascript.
  5. Different types of inheritance with examples in javascript.
  6. What is Virtual DOM? Why is React fast?
  7. Explain the Reconciliation algorithm. (Follow up on the above question)
  8. I was asked about display properties in CSS.
  9. What is event bubbling?
  10. Promises Vs async await in Javascript.
  11. Explain and code examples of closures in javascript.
  12. Difference between var, const, and let
  13. What is hoisting in javascript?
  14. Currying in Javascript

These are some of the questions I can recall as the round seemed like a rapid-fire round. I had to code out almost everything and explain with examples. If I recall any other questions, I will add them to the list.

Round 3( Managerial and HR Round):(Duration: 30 mins)

This round was a cultural fit round. I was asked some technical questions followed by some behavioral questions.

Technical Questions:

  1. Questions about my work in the previous company
  2. I was also asked to talk about my projects
  3. SQL vs NoSQL databases
  4. What are transactions in databases?
  5. Explain ACID properties.
  6. Explain pagination and how to implement it.
  7. CI/CD pipeline and deployment cycle
  8. Asked to code out a basic Python program

Behavioral questions:

  1. Why are you switching company in a short span of time?
  2. How have you handled disagreements with your colleagues?

Overall it was a great experience.

Verdict: Selected