Rich Kid, Smart Kid by Robert Kiyosaki

Having grown up in a one-dimensional society centered around socioeconomic status, I lacked the understanding that intelligence is multi-dimensional. Recently, my mindset and perspectives have changed immensely but the people I have kept near and dear to me. This book does an good job of articulating how different mindsets, tips, viewpoints can shape a student and learner to be successful financially, emotionally, academically and professionally.

There are seven types of geniuses:

  1. Verbal-Linguistic: Word people who naturally enjoy reading, writing and storytelling.
  2. Logical-Mathematical: People who naturally like numbers, patterns, strategy games and doing experiments.
  3. Body-Kinesthetic: People who love and do all things physical and are natural athletes, dancers and craftspeople.
  4. Spatial: People are highly visual and think in images and pictures.
  5. Musical: People who are great listeners and musically inclined.
  6. Interpersonal: People who are excellent communicators and who empathize and demonstrate leadership.
  7. Intrapersonal: People who are very aware of their own feelings and self-motivations.

Think to yourself after reading the above, what type(s) do you see as a highly intelligent and why?

“Always remember that nature multiplies by dividing. Always go after quantum learning, not linear learning”

**Very simple read, recommend it for those who come from a similar background as me.**