If you die today,

what ideas ?,what dreams ? ,what abilities ? ,what talents ?,what gifts ?. will die with you ?

The only way, to live your life well is to first remember, it is not the things we do in life, makes us regret on our deathbed .

It is the things we DONOT !

which is the most wealthiest place in the world ?

its not CHINA ,its not DUBAI !


bcause in a graveyard you will find

inventions never invented,

businesses never ereted,

songs never sung,

ideas never nurtured,

people never realised

beacause they were scared to take a risk

a lot of people die full of ideas,skill,talent,intelegence,abilities,that they never reached for ! never tapped ! never got into !

but you know something else ?

you are not in the graveyard yet !