Depression.. Why do you come?

Depression depression why do u come, 
Is it just a coincidence or your rhythm? 
I swing I ride, 
With a storm inside.. 
I m just not me anymore, 
I run I hide, 
I wanna be behind the closed doors, 
My mind goes to wrecks, 
With the sudden breaks, 
I die and die inside, 
Then I try to live, 
But u don’t forgive, 
And u come back every time, 
I can’t see clear, 
Who is a foe or dear, 
And I have this big war to fight, 
U tear me apart, 
Just rip my heart,
And there is no place, 
That can give me solace, 
I have to hide the face I am with, 
Because u ruin all its parts, 
I cannot deal with the turmoil, 
Because all my methods u outsmart, 
I drown in my depths, 
Then u throw me above, 
Then with little air, 
U sink me again, 
Is this a plan, 
Or a part of your fun?