Create another income stream from Affiliate Marketing [Guide]

Affiliate marketing can be started with little or no investment , but lately the competition has increased so much that you have to invest into creating a successful affiliate marketing business.

There are two ways to get paid in affiliate marketing :

1. You Promote products & services (High Commissions )

2. You get paid when user performs an action (Email signup , Pin Submit) also called CPA (Cost per Action campaigns)

First you have to decide , if you want to promote products/service or you want to get paid for letting a user perform an action on your website.

So , here’s how you can earn with affiliate marketing :

The Website Way (requires more time )

Decide your niche : Deciding your niche is very important, you will not get conversions on your affiliate products if you promote them on a wider range of products. Select a high converting niche or a niche of your choice. For Example : health , finance etc.

Find a Domain : Now that you have decided your niche now its time to create a website , for that you need a domain name. So first you can check the availability of your domain name here with the help of Domain Checker

, If your domain name is available you can purchase it from there only. It is basically priced at $10 – 11 or 800 – 900 INR for a year. If your domain name is not available you can get fast suggestions from this Domain Generator Tool ,Enter a keyword and get fast suggestions.

Get affordable hosting : You have a wide variety of hosting services to choose from but I recommend Hostinger’s Web Hosting as it offers great service at a very affordable price. After connecting both your domain & hosting together. You are good to proceed to the next step.

Build a Blog / Comparison Website : Now that you’ve invested in domain & hosting it is time to invest in your efforts as this process takes a lot of time and it is the only situation where most of the affiliate marketers leave. You can build a blog on your niche that you’ve decided earlier and start writing. Your articles should be well formatted and at least 1200 words. Once you start getting traction on your site. You will see conversions on your affiliate link. While building and writing blogs. If you have Some more investment you can invest it into a professional affiliate theme in which you can help users to compare their products in a specific niche while you place affiliate links , so it is a win-win situation for you and the user.

Time Taking Process : See , affiliate marketing is a time taking process and if you are thinking that you’re website will rank on 1 on Google’s search results , then you’re wrong. Ranking a website is now more tough as there are millions of website already ranking in that niche. you have to push out great content regularly , keep building links , keep interacting with users. Once you understand and learn the game of the algorithm. You’ll definitely see results.

Now let us see a faster way to achieve results

Google & Facebook ads (faster )

Choose a high ticketing Product / Service : You have to select a high ticketing product or a service that converts well. Your product/service range can be from $50 – 200 or 2000 – 5000 INR.

Create a landing page : If you are already working with the website strategy above , you don’t need additional investment , you can create an amazing landing page for free , there are lots of page builders that can do the work for you, but if you’re not having a website then you can go to clickfunnels and create amazing landing page.

Create a video Ad or Use Existing one : Now you need to promote your product/service , so you need an ad , a video ad will be more better as users love to interact with video more than text or an image. You can pay $10 – 20 to any freelancer on fiverr to get it done for you. If you already have an existing ad (which the product website will definitely have) you can pick that one too.

Promote it using Google Ads or Facebook Ads : After that you have created or collected all these required items , promote it on Google & Facebook Ads. Make sure to put your landing page URL on the target URL section. I guess there are some restrictions in promoting the affiliate links directly through ads , make sure you read the terms and conditions.

Optimize your Promotions : After running promotions and ads , you must keep a check on ads that are performing well, If the ads are converting well then you should scale them and if not , try some other products.

Earning by Cost per Action Affiliate Marketing

There are certain websites on which you can sign up and start promoting links on the go. You get paid when a users submit their email , pin or postal codes into the form. It requires no investment but some websites ask for your websites but there are plenty that don’t ask one.

Here are some good CPA websites on which you can start earning on the go :

Note : Read their instructions carefully first

Terra Leads

CPA Lead

Click Bank

Max Bounty

Dr Cash & many more

CPA marketing is not very profitable in India as the payout and the conversion rates both are very low. CPA affiliate marketing works best with the international users like in US , UK etc.

You can still try CPA and get experience. Well it’s better to learn than to do nothing , right ?

There is a different approach while doing CPA affiliate marketing ,We will talk about it in some other post. If you have any questions , do drop it in the comments

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide , If you did , Kindly share it with your friends & drop a comment. It will make my day.




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