The 21 Bitcoin Computer: Now Shipping

Have to admit its a very interesting concept, surprised at the price point. Assuming the cost of the hardware involved, would have expected it to be at lower price point. Couple of interesting questions that cropped up were

Return on investment on mining — The return on investment in mining for blockchain is a function of the total amount of computing power on the network. Given the hashing power of the device and adding up on overheads involved, it is unlikely to return the investment in short periods of time, and possibly depending on cost of energy even on longer periods of time ( assumptions made on energy consumption and cost, this could be erronous)

Security — The documentation currently reveal much about the security of the implementation. This could leave oppurtunities for both for keys to be compromised and mining turning into brute forcing platform for cryptanalysis.

It would also be interesting to know the strategy that the team has for software, in terms of support for other protocols and how open would the platform would be.

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