Let us tell you the main important problem that will happen in the exchange of cryptocurrency world in the coin to coin exchange that all the traders suffer. One coin will trade on one exchange and the another coin will trade on another because there wont be any single place for all the coins for the exchange but the SteX provides you that one coin to and all the coin to trade in one single place with a platform for the existing coins. We will guide you the path to go to make this a reality.

One issue in the exchange of coin is that liquidity, it is the greatest problem which will happen for the exchange of coin from one single place to another at the same time simultaneously. The lack of liquidity leads to active traders and the investors. we are now viable to deploy such a problem with our private algorithm and technical solutions our exchange is difficult in liquidity.

Nowadays no exchanges are ready to make you to view the calculations about the volume of a specific price this makes the information for high investors, because of this information, a large investors not able to take a proper decision.
Now we are going to see the solution for the liquidity issue, the most important thing that we developed to avoid the liquidity problem is that HFT Algorithms it was invented only for the traditional stock of the exchange in our market. So we can only easily solve the problems by providing the access to all the traders from one trading platform and one trading account with a second or single knock of the door.


We will explain with a small instance, think that you have a coin A that to sell with a nice opportunity at a profit also at the same time, you like to invest in a new token named as coin B. the main problem in this is that they are traded in different exchanges. If you want to taste this advantage of the opportunity you need to finish the first trade that is coin A and after that you are able to transfer your another . it can waste your days because its our fastest world and also you will miss the potential to increase money this happens only because of insufficiency in the market.

The main reason for collecting the funds during ICO is that to make strong the project’s that own liquidity. The cryptocurrency is available to ask offers on the SteX exchange with the very speed of the execution and can be managed by the SteX’s proprietary in the market making algorithms. The SteX exchange will access directly fast the API protocols ie rules to become a market makers  and it also allow them to trade without any commissions and also they as more benefits. Those who are following this trades that the commissions can receive from a counter parties who are interested to buy or sell at their specified price. The market makers algorithm users are now going to contribute the SteX  exchange with a quick and easy for the profit .

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