Spring Flowers, Spring Fashion

Vibrant flowers and pastel patterns are in full effect this Spring at Chaffey College. As the outdoors welcome us with turquoise skies and balmy temperatures, students, staff and Chaffey’s historical landmark invite the season with floral fashion and sundry coloration. With the Spring semester coming to an end, it may also help to stop and appreciate the calming nature of Earth’s treasures in order to ensure healthier brain function and inspire creativity.

Erythrinas, also known as Coral Trees, are tropical plants that can grow up to nearly 100 feet. They are commonly known for their abundant shade and nitrogen.

Although not native to North America (originally derived from South America), Pink and Yellow Trumpet Trees require minimal maintenance and flourish exclusively in the summer.

One student carries a contrasting teal and hot pink floral backpack on her way to class.

Ariane Barrientos, 19, stands in front of a Fuchsia Hedging Plant sporting tones of yellow and light-wash denim pants.

Poker Plants, or Kniphofias, are exotic South African plants containing spike-like features and vibrant colors. With an area of 2–3 feet, these succulent-like plants are hard to miss and likely to survive throughout Fall.

Hannah Orsini, a philosophy major, expresses Spring fashion in light-weight, flowy pants, reflective shades and a denim jacket.

Another student matches coral with floral in his version of Spring style.

A group of Chaffey students hang out under Pink Trumpet Trees during lunchtime.

Business major, Imaan Parekh, wearing neutral pink and olive green in front of the Panther Express.

Travis Alwin, Chaffey’s College Student Body President skating in the quad during his free time.

Twenty-year-old Angelic Johnson wearing a sunflower headband and blue tinted shades.

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