It’s quite annoying that I keep facing the same question over and over. I don’t think it’s a polite way to keep asking me why I decide to leave my longest relationship. Society keeps telling me I am such a bad every time I gave them an answer. What’s so wrong about saying the right things?

My happiness doesn’t always need to rely on someone. I can do a lot of things by myself and I guess it’s really good for not relying myself or my happiness to someone. I don’t think it’s good to waste my time to keep blaming on someone that I rely on. So, I decided to leave and if there’s someone I should blame, that’s me. My own self.

Honestly, I really enjoy my me-time. Or my groupie’s time. I just basically love doing my own things and make sure they’re run well. I guess everybody has their own standard of happiness and they want to live in it. I’d rather be alone than being trapped in a toxic relationship where I can’t grow inside it. I don’t say I won’t need a partner. I’m still dreaming about my ideal-kind-of-partner that would make me feel like the way I am. Nothing to hide. Nothing to shame of.

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