Writing a 500 Word Business Essay Made Easier Through This Guide

Writing a business essay is not a walk in the park task. If you are faint-hearted, you will give up along the way. If you begin composing this essay with the assumption that it’s hard you will give up very soon. It requires you to have a positive approach and determination to make it till the end.

Having a negative attitude will demoralize you such that even if you will write a business essay, it will be a poor one. It will be like you are being forced to undertake the writing. You will not be motivated at all which in turn will make you not bring out the creativity in you.

Below is a guide on how to compose a good business essay that will keep your readers engaged and wanting more of your writing. The guide will make compose business writings with a high level of creativity and reasoning.

Settling on the subject to write on

This is the first step to effective essay writing. If you get wrong here, then you are messed up all through your writing. Pick a subject that you are comfortable with. Your passion towards a topic is the best way to pick a topic. Choosing to write on something you are passionate about makes writing fun. This will enable you to compose a high quality essay.

Precautions to Take in your Writing

Don’t make it too long

Don’t write a very long essay to avoid disorienting your readers. There is a high chance that most readers will not bother reading anything more than 500 words. People are busy addressing various aspects of life and will use all means to save on time.

Making them read a very long essay isn’t helping in saving time. You should, therefore, try to write a 500-word essay at most to ensure your audience captures everything you will outline. Otherwise, you will be writing for yourself, not for the readers.

Give your best in these 500 words. You should outline quality and key points to ensure you grab the attention of your readers. Getting the attention of a reader is the greatest achievement any writer can make. If you have the attention of your readers, writing becomes fun.

If you will be releasing another copy of essay writing after this one, you will not have trouble convincing your readers to read it. They will have already tasted your writing. Therefore, give your best in those 500 words for not only the present but also for the future.

Use proper font

The font you use in scripting your essay can person who reads want to go through it or avoid it all together. Times New Roman with a size of 12 is mostly the recommended font to use to make your article look attractive.

Ensure the essay is double-spaced and aligned well to make it look professionally written. Justified alignment is the way to go. Going by the 500 words rule plus this font and formatting, you will find that your writing will be around one and a half pages. This is long enough to cover important issues without distracting your readers.

Draw a Plan before writing

Any project that doesn’t have an implementation plan is bound to fail. The same applies to write a business essay. You should creat a plan beforehand to ensure you don’t fail along the way.

Have a structure of how you will flow in the writing. This will ensure you cover all the important points within 500 words. A plan prevents making numerous revisions before drafting the final copy. Although no one gets it right in the first go, you can minimize the number of revisions by having a plan for the essay.

Do Proper Research

A proper research forms the basis of any essay. You can’t write anything meaningful if you don’t conduct research beforehand. Conduct enough research on the theme you are writing about to gather information.

This will ensure you have something to work with when you start writing. You will not go blank in the middle of writing not knowing what to write. Having ready information with you before you begin writing makes your essay have a smooth flow.

Flow is one aspect that determines the quality of an essay. Besides, if your essay has clear fluency, your readers will have confidence with your writing. This is because a clear flow shows that one understands what they are writing about.

Actual Writing

When you get to the actual writing of your essay, there is a structure you need to follow. You don’t just anyhow. You will either get lost along the way or your readers will.


You should always start with an introduction. This entails outlining a thesis statement for the subject you are writing about. This part is meant to give your readers a clue about what they are going to find in your writing.

It is also from this part that you set the tone you will use all through your writing. Your readers can tell whether your piece of writing is worth reading based on how you put your introduction. As such, make it really intriguing to ensure you capture their attention right from the start.

Main Body Paragraphs

After you are done formulating the introduction, it’s time to come to the real thing now. This is where you go to the main body. In this part, you are expounding on the topic in question. You are laying out all the necessary facts to back up your idea.

This is the part that you demonstrate to your audience that you know what you are composing about. As such, you should ensure your readers get the most of what you are writing about. Using a good structure is the first way to achieve this. Use words that your audience will understand without straining.

You should build a link emotionally with your writer to ensure they feel part of the writing. Use experiences as examples to ensure they relate well with your writing. Use a passionate tone to help you properly link with your readers.


When you are satisfied you have answered the question about the essay properly, it’s time to conclude. This part is meant to remind the readers of the main ideas you have discussed in the main body.

Give an overview of these ideas and don’t make the mistake of introducing anything new that you have not talked about it. You will be confusing your readers. Don’t make it too long also. 50 words can be enough for this.


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