Advice On Anxiety No One Tells You
Benjamin Foley

My mother emotionally, occasionally verbally, and rarely physically abused me. Depression and anxiety have high correlation with abuse. One particular traumatic event left me with a cluster of phobias related to claustrophobia. Every time a doctor has tried to wean me off some of my pills things have gotten worse. (I don’t just take pills, I have a psychologist too).

I did the most important thing I could for my mental health in 2005: I moved out of home. Now I want more certainty but my fibromyalgia can worsen suddenly without warning. This means higher levels of fatigue, swollen joints and skin that hurts to touch gently. I’m on a Disability Pension which the Australian federal government is trying to push under 35s recipients off.

I can go to the supermarket some of the time but it always makes me anxious and I usually struggle through the check-out. I’m none too fond of crowded trains or crowded trams either but if it’s how I’m getting from point a to point b, well such is life.