life’s longing to rest

to stand still

to shed its leaves


wind blows

earth rotates on its axis

stand still

let it in

let it out



all is well

even in the


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I’ve often asked myself why I didn’t investigate this medicine more deeply. In every other aspect of my life - I live, breathe and walk a healthy lifestyle. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease and spastic torticollis — I was given a lunch paper bag with many pills with fibromyalgia — I read each warning label — don’t drive, may cause dizziness, don’t operate heavy equipment (my car) — I threw these all away instantly, attended a support group where the women in the group assured me I wouldn’t be working in a year — not to worry. I left and continued a life of exploration and holistic healing methods. After 10 years with uncontrollable spasms in my neck and extreme pain, a new family doctor reached out to me to encourage me to go to a neurologist for botox injections. I had heard of botox injections, but everything in me screamed ‘no’ and for years I didn’t go. After 10 or 11 after my initial diagnosis, I was right — it didn’t work. My neck was in a brace holding my head up. I was so angry. Back to the neurologist I went. This is when he refunded my $1K for the botox and prescribed 2 Rx — Trazadone and Klonopin. I took as prescribed and began sleeping well immediately and felt that the spasms were better. After a month, both prescriptions were empty and I assumed my course was over like one would think with an antibiotic. …

leaves falling from the Cherry tree

colors are yellow, orange and brown

lay upon the thick, wet, green grass — freshly cut

crows call in the distance

sky — cloudy

another hot, humid summer day

grateful for no schedule

peace that morning brings

hope of another breath

God’s wind beneath my wings

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Anita Adams

Seeker of peace and truth, Artist, Photographer, Writer. More at