Hanging on for dear life Photo: Anita Adams



destroys one’s soul

how to stop

give yourself permission to play

to enjoy a moment in your day

stretch the moment into an hour, two hours, three or more! — a whole day!

like any addict, a perfectionist sees messes and tasks everywhere, and can’t relax and play, until the mess, chaos and disorder is put to rest in its place

memories emerge of a few childhood mornings when cleaning wasn’t the preordained expectation of the day,

instead, the day was a blank canvas

as the sunlight filled my bedroom with anticipation and joy, followed by this question —what do you want to do today?

Answer — play, collage, write, ride the bike, sit under the willow, visit a friend, play in the creek, sew, walk, anything I want

for all of those who have been afflicted with perfectionism, I leave you with this quote from Wise Women —

The most important thing

is to try and enjoy life -

because you never know when it will be gone.

If you wake up in the morning

and you have a choice between doing the laundry

and taking a walk in the park,

go for the walk.

You’d hate to die and realize you had spent

your last day doing the laundry!

Christine Lee, 67