Anita Adams
Hanging on for dear life Photo: Anita Adams



destroys one’s soul

how to stop

give yourself permission to play

to enjoy a moment in your day

stretch the moment into an hour, two hours, three or more! — a whole day!

like any addict, a perfectionist sees messes and tasks everywhere, and can’t relax and play, until the mess, chaos and disorder is put to rest in its place

memories emerge of a few childhood mornings when cleaning wasn’t the preordained expectation of the day,

instead, the day was a blank canvas

as the sunlight filled my bedroom with anticipation and joy, followed by this question —what do you want to do today?

Answer — play, collage, write, ride the bike, sit under the willow, visit a friend, play in the creek, sew, walk, anything I want

for all of those who have been afflicted with perfectionism, I leave you with this quote from Wise Women —

The most important thing

is to try and enjoy life -

because you never know when it will be gone.

If you wake up in the morning

and you have a choice between doing the laundry

and taking a walk in the park,

go for the walk.

You’d hate to die and realize you had spent

your last day doing the laundry!

Christine Lee, 67

Anita Adams

Written by

Seeker of peace and truth, Artist, Photographer, Writer. More at

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