Remembering Roxane ~ always an angel

Hair — ebony, thick and wavy

Skin — like porcelain, smooth and silky

Eyes — hazel and wandering

Legs, long and restless

Arms — thin and searching

I’m here I said.

I love you, I also said.

Prayer — a miracle to be granted most days at St. Mary’s Church, until one night, I awoke with a feeling as in a dream, I knew that that night she took her last breath. Tears flowed, a piece of my heart froze, preserving everything I knew about you for safe keeping. All the while in my womb, carried I, your nephew, my first born son, Richard.

A funeral was planned by our Mom and Dad. As your tiny casket was carried down the aisle of St. Eugene’s church on a very cold, blustery day in March of 1987, again, I cried and couldn’t stop, couldn’t believe that in this life, I would never see you again.

The miracle prayed for went unanswered. Perhaps another miracle was happening, for you were always an angel. Your body rests at Lewis Memorial, where I visit you still.

I loved you then

I love you now

I’ll love you always

I know I will

Your sister-in-waiting — Anita

©Anita Adams 12/2018

Remembering Roxane ~ always an Angel