Sacred Trees

trees of all types draw upon the earth’s resources to survive and thrive

giving oxygen to our planet and its inhabitants

some trees, I truly believe our sacred

by sacred, my heart connects to their rhythm, their heartbeat

dream of Sacred Trees

gold leaves like that of a birch tree

with silver trunks stand tall and straight in a row of ten or more, all the same height

water begins to shower these sacred trees appearing like diamonds as they fall

as the diamonds move through the air, the sound is like frozen rain until contact is made with the leaves on the tops of the trees, and then the sound is like a slow moving waterfall

the diamond waterfall gives the trees the nutrients they need at specific times of the day and night, and after each shower, these sacred trees illuminate the hearts of passersby

although this image majestic of the Angel Oak Tree may not appear gold, silver or illuminate, standing in her presence the feeling this dream evokes is very present

Angel Oak Tree — South Carolina — photo Anita Adams NC Trees Photography

Below is a grove of birch trees with leaves dropping in the fall…

Falling Birch Leaves

Trees, perhaps river birches illuminated in late fall below depicts the sacred, radiance of the dream of Sacred Trees….

Trees Illuminated in Fall