What can I do?

With all that’s going on in these United States and abroad, people often ask what can I do?

I answer, what would you like to see changed, then begin right where you are and do it?

Some of their concerns, and my own are listed below:

Fair treatment for immigrants.

A country united in peace and good will.

The elimination of guns in all schools.

A country united about the condition of our planet and aware of how the climate has changed.

An end to fracking.

Greenspace is protected not only for parks, but each home should contain enough to sustain trees and gardens.

Trains to be reinstated.

To plant more trees.

A day per week where our mobile phones are silenced (your choice which day would work best for you).

Health care that includes dental and vision for all people based on a percentage of your annual income is offered to everyone.

Schools where

· all children, teachers and staff learn and teach what it is to be — tolerant, patient, and kind

· as students learning, one holds up their hand and be acknowledged, before you speak, so all can listen and learn from your sharing

· where art, music, naps or play time are encouraged

· a second language of your choice is taught at an early age, perhaps at age 8 and studied for three or four years

· where History, Poetry, Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies is not only taught, but each person takes part in reading a chapter and passing each book to the person next to them, so they may listen and learn, not only the content of the words, stories, and equations, also, sharing, tolerance, compassion and empathy of the challenges of their fellow classmate or Teacher, hearing the voices of all allows each of the listeners to have compassion for the other

· where individual and group projects are encouraged and celebrated

· community gardens are built and encouraged

There’s so much we can learn from each other and together.

The world we are living in now was once very peaceful and community oriented place to live in, not all played faire, but, most did, and in some places are still this way.

Television broadcasting, movies, news especially, while keeping others informed, should devote half of their programming to what happened good in the town, country, and abroad that day.

In a world where you or me can be anything you want, be KIND.

A mother teaching her children to fly a kite
A family in a loving embrace Asheville, NC
Children playing — Water Fountain Charleston, South Carolina
Angel Oak Tree — South Carolina
Mom and Daughter Loving and Laughing
Son, Mom and his dog taking a nap
Couple Hiking in the Mountains

©Anita Adams 2018