If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Actually, let me just make my point clearer. Your girl Hillary is about to lose the election and it’s not even going to be our faults. Our Jill Stein votes aren’t going to make or break this pitiful election because most of us hardcore progressives are concentrated in solidly blue states, meaning most of us aren’t likely to detract from Hillary’s results due to the electoral college. She’s going to lose because of her disconnect with the working class in battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania. She’s going to lose because she represents her husband’s legacy of bad trade deals that blue collar workers associate with the loss of their own jobs. She’s going to lose for the same reason Bernie would have won: economic inequality is the biggest issue on a lot of these voters’ minds, and this whole time Clinton has made very poor attempts at addressing it.

I see the OP going on and on about how she feels our votes should be cast in the name of the good of everyone and achieving results, but how can you say that when you knew during the primaries that the person you were choosing is wildly unpopular? Wild unpopularity translates into standing a higher chance of losing, no matter what her track record is like.

Seeing that Hillary supporters knew how unpopular she was and still managed to nominate her anyway, it’s baffling to me how anyone could think it was in the best interest of the downtrodden and oppressed to vote for someone whom we could tell stood a real chance of losing the general even more than a year ago. We not only saw it, but we showed Hillary folks poll after poll and tried to warn them that this wasn’t such a great idea seeing how Trump is an imbecile and the Republicans are showing their true colors.

Y’all did what y’all wanted anyway, and now we’re here with less than a couple of months to go:


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