If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Wooo, lord! You know when would have been a great time to go on a finger waving rant? Remember that time when our own party was busy screwing our causes over in favor of a party elite getting the nomination? Yeah, that would have been a fantastic time to express your outrage.

Now, here you and your buddies are pouting online because other people are repulsed by the degree of crookedness in this election and are publicly voicing their disgust by not supporting it. You are bringing in our issues like BLM, women’s rights, LGBT rights as if these are brand name products to be waved over our heads for the sake of an election. As if the Democratic Party, not the people, have exclusive domination over our issues. I’d like for you to understand that this is part of the reason why we are so angry at our own party. The DNC has been treating our ethnic groups and genders and sexuality like pieces on a board game to manipulate in order to win instead of listening to what we are actually saying. We are tired of it. Clinton barely had anything to do with my community until election season rolled around, and no, hanging out with Al Sharpton doesn’t count. We aren’t pawns for political gain.

If you can hold your nose long enough to ignore the things that are making us so turned off by the Clinton campaign (as well as both the Democrats and Republicans in general), you do you. If you want to wave your finger in the mirror at yourself and chant, “YOU ARE SELFISH IF YOU DON’T VOTE FOR HILLARY! TRUMP MIGHT GET IN!” so that you can drown out all of the voices reminding you of the corruption that led to this point, go right ahead. Just make sure not to bring us into your self-affirming mantra.

We’re not joining your brigade. That ship has sailed. We told you this before the primaries even concluded so it should be no mystery. Focus on your own vote at this point, because this unfortunately is going to be a very tight race thanks to our fellow Democrats who were misguided enough to choose a nominee with one of the lowest approval ratings in history. Good luck.

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