Tinder app development cost and Features

Tinder entered the mobile app market in 2012. And not only did it give the singles a match, it also introduced a set of designs and features to the world of mobile app development. The swipe function has been widely accepted by users.

The ‘Chat’ feature gained fame overnight. And the cherry at the top was a unique GPS search feature. This GPS feature finds matches in nearby locations based on user-defined (up to 100km) proximity.

The popularity of the mobile application Tinder

Choosing the Tinder app as a case study may be bewildering, but the reason to consider Tinder is its popularity and success. Check out these amazing numbers to understand the growth of the Tinder app.

  • Users: 50 million per month;

These include e-commerce apps, on-demand apps, and even Tinder-like apps for job search and recruitment like Apply, which implements Tinder such as swipeable features for restaurant businesses.

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Tinder’s Feature Set

UI / Design / Animation

It takes more time to design and animate your app for every screen in your app and for every interaction point on that screen. Animation is a key element of user retention in any app, but animation is essential when designing experiences that engage users.

Depending on the number of features your app utilizes, UI/UX costs can range from $6000 to $15,000. If your app is being developed for iOS and Android, this time almost doubles (applicable to most app features).

There are many mobile app development companies that are best at animations. While approaching the companies you must keep these things in your knowledge.

Social login integration

A fast onboarding process is another important development choice for maximizing your app’s user retention. The fewer steps users need to take before using your app, the better. This is where social login integration comes into play.

Tinder associates a user with a Facebook profile and then creates a unique credential for that user that the user can use to log in to Tinder. While users are still effectively logging in through Facebook, Tinder creates unique tags based on the user’s Facebook profile for added security. The cost to implement this feature ranges from $300 to $1,500 depending on the level of security desired.

Additional features

Also, Tinder doesn’t stop there! Tinder has unique features that you don’t want to reveal. However, functions such as passwords and payment through applications may be pronounced as additional functions.

Instant messaging

Tinder’s chat capabilities can be replicated through messaging services like Pubnub or Apache Kafka.

PubNub makes it possible for chat features, IoT device communication, and real-time integration for streaming, mapping, GPS, push notifications, and alerts. In addition to data transaction fees, PubNub’s services have a $49 monthly cost.

Event sourcing, log aggregation, stream processing, messaging, and website activity monitoring are all possible with Kafka. You can use it as a free API because it is open source, just like everything else covered by the Apache license.

There are many more real-time services that offer live chat capabilities, such as AWS and Google Firebase. For more information on real-time implementation, see How much does it cost to implement real-time updates in your app? Blog.

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Advance Features that Affect Tinder App Manufacturing Costs

Geographic location

The most important aspect of a dating application is proximity. Geolocation is the most important feature because the application tries to provide a profile of your choice based on your location.

Search settings

Profile creation for basic search is provided when installing the application. In addition, you can adjust your search by setting gender, age, and distance filters.


You need to create a sliding map interface. This option is the UVP of any dating app because it is top-notch innovation.


We refer to this as application development on the server side. The dialogue cannot begin if there isn’t a match. Boys and girls must slide to the right in order to compete.

Real-time chat implementation:

If the app users match, they exchange texts before setting up the meeting.

Push Alarm:

Push notifications are essential because they provide updates on every message you receive, new matches or similar messages in your offer.

Super Like:

An individual’s profile can be optimally created by scanning the profile. When you send or receive a letter with a loved one, you’ll see a blue star next to your profile in the list.

Cost of developing Tinder like an app

By accumulating all of the above, you can calculate the time, and actual Tinder app development cost. These numbers may not represent accurate data, but they give a clear idea of ​​what makes Tinder a mobile app for all businesses.

Time required to develop a Tinder-like app: Overall, it takes 1200 to 1500 hours to create a Tinder-like application for both platforms. You can deduct 350–400 hours for a single platform only.

The cost of developing a Tinder-like app: It is important to consider many factors before determining the cost of developing a Tinder-like app. A typical Indian mobile developer working at an average rate of $20–25 can charge between $24,000 and $35,000 depending on their needs and specific business needs.

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