20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women
Helen Rosner

This isn’t a list of desirable characteristics for a man, this is a list of desirable characteristics for a progressive woman.

If men aren’t allowed to tell women how to be women, then women shouldn’t be allowed to tell men how to be men.

Real men would take creeps like Weinstein to the woodshed by having morals and principles and beliefs instilled in them by example, by men.

There is much to be gained by healthy discourse between the genders, and instances of injustice against either gender should be exposed and condemned, together.

We are all Americans, solving this problem by dividing us up by gender and pointing fingers will only make us distrusting of one another and resentful.

Think of a marriage, try and solve a problem with your spouse by pointing out their character flaws and telling them to change and let me know how it works out.

The antagonistic relationship between the genders that you imply does not exist in the mind of an enlightened male, however neither do most of your 20 items. Therefore, what you seek is an unthinking drone, or at least an agreeable drone, and I suspect the validation you receive from such a man would not be as satisfying as you imagine.