AI: Transforming Digital Marketing Strategy!

Anita Pandy
Oct 17 · 3 min read

The integration of AI in digital marketing can make marketing campaigns much more efficient and optimized. Although digital marketing has relied heavily on human creativity, artificial intelligence can do the job using only data. Currently, AI cannot impersonate human emotions such as empathy, creativity or imagination. However, new development is that artificial intelligence is carried out quite frequently, and future AI applications may be potentially unlimited. In any case, AI is already making progress in the marketing industry.

Content Writing

An important part of Digital Marketing Services is the content promotion plan that your brand carries out. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence has arrived to complement this work, using writing written content, automatically. Some news agencies use software capable of creating pieces of information based on data, optimized for SEO, in a consistent manner and with sufficient quality for the reader to enjoy them.

The main advantages of this type of system, without a doubt, are the saving of time and resources. On the other hand, let’s take into account that a perfect balance between technology and human talent is the best way forward, as follows:

Determine what content can be created with intelligent software: it will usually be the press releases or general information that your readers require daily.

AI in Digital Marketing

Delegate to your group of editors and editors, or your content agency, the most complex information: we talk about those publications that require more extensive views, with a unique style that only a talented editor can provide.

In this way, technology and human ability will be combined in your strategy, to obtain high-quality results.

The union of your Digital Marketing plan with Artificial Intelligence and its many advantages will result in a total boost of your strategy. Nowadays, users trust brands that offer them dynamic experiences, rich in quality content and with the assurance that their purchase decision will be ideal. The answer to these needs, without a doubt, implies the implementation of intelligent technology in each of your digital platforms.

Impact on Email Marketing

The emails that your prospects read will change forever when implementing Artificial Intelligence techniques. The experience will no longer be the same, definitely, thanks to the following characteristics.

Most attractive headlines: imagine that every email you send will have the ideal headline for your prospect to decide to open it immediately. Increasing your opening rate will be the first step on the path to the success of your strategy.

Customized content: also, each segment of your audience requires that the email sent attract their attention through the content. What should it contain then? Among other factors, we have:

Relevant information, according to your particular group of tastes and interests, optimized to the maximum.

AI is changing the concept of Blogging

Your corporate blog will no longer be the same in the era of Artificial Intelligence. There are many aspects in which this technology intervenes and here we list the main ones:

Platforms that help monitor the competition: one of the most popular is the startup known as Crayon, which analyzes millions of data from your main competitors. This information is collected throughout the web and includes blogs, social networks, and forums.

The potential of this intelligent research is interesting since it will help you to create content on topics that your competition does not yet address, or, analyze their weaknesses to take advantage of them in your Blogging work.

Smart digital advertising

Pay Per Click ads on the internet have changed since the AI ​​exists. Thanks to this technological system, it is now much easier to find the right consumer, the one most likely to click on the advertising shown, thanks to the predictive capacity of artificial intelligence.

This is achieved thanks to the data analysis that allows you to find your perfect prospect. Brands like Google and Facebook have taken advantage of the enormous advantages of AI to improve their online advertising systems.

On the other hand, probably shortly, intelligent systems will allow designing such personalized advertisements, that each one of them will become a unique and very attractive experience for the thousands or millions of potential clients who surf the internet every day.

Anita Pandy
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