We have become a deeply divided society with two clear camps formed. I aired my views (several times) on the day Brexit was announced (24th July) via Facebook along with many others. I took consolation from the upset expressed on social media and on the Internet full stop. So many seemed disappointed and upset, sentiments similar to my very own. I wondered where the supporters for the Leave side had gone. They seemed very quiet. I did not take any consolation however from those genuinely scared for their future and feeling unsettled. This only served to sadden me. I did my best to reassure where needed. I have yet to hear a valid argument from anyone I know (close or not) who voted Leave and have been further perturbed by that. I have no choice now but to have faith with the 52% who chose to exit. One person thinks that by “taking back control of our borders” we are now actually free of terrorism on UK soil from “the Muslims”. We are not free of terrorism. We have not even reduced the risk. And the words Terrorism and Muslim in the same context continues to deeply shock and anger me. I do welcome some of the calm and more conciliatory tones of today from both sides. Indeed time will tell…how weak that sounds? I hope my concerns for the now and future are unfounded AND FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I would love to be proven wrong.

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