Truth: powered by Aiur — or, what to use a Knowledge Validation Engine for

With Project Aiur, the key technical component is what we call a Knowledge Validation Engine. This will be a piece of advanced AI/ML technology that can validate a piece of research up against all other research — think about it as a semi-automated (with heavy emphasis on semi) peer review. You can read more about the engine here. But the next question is of course: who needs this engine? The intuitive answer is of course academic and industry researchers who can query the engine directly through the API, or use some of the frontend tools. However, once you dig into the question, turns out there is a lot more to a KVE than this.

The KVE will be an open technology allowing anyone in the community to build third party tools on top of it. In fact, this is they key way we envision long term value growth of the community and the AIUR tokens — funneling in fiat currency from a range of industries to the community.

So what are some of the use cases we’re envisioning? While we’re sure there’s plenty folks out there way smarter than us who can make new groundbreaking uses of the Aiur engine, we’ve taken a stab at outlining some projects that we’re excited about.

Patent claim validation

How about building a tool specifically for patent claims by focusing the KVE not on overall hypothesis — but specifically on proposed solutions in papers across the world? This would save companies a lot of legal costs but also save lawyers a lot of very tedious manual labor.

That murky corporate research for marketing

Corporates or governments directly funding research for marketing purposes is incredibly problematic. Coca-cola funding research on whether sugar leads to obesity, or Phillip-Morris funding research on whether smoking causes cancer, anyone? A tool overlaying the validity of research papers with the movement of corporate research money would be such a powerful citizen science / non-profit project. Let’s hold all research to the same standard of neutrality towards the end result!

The ultimate hedge fund tool

When you can quantify the “truth score” of a research paper today, you can also choose to do so for the same paper at any point in time. So we can gather all key papers published through the years within a specific breakthrough technology, and measure their “truth score” every year since their publication. In this way, we will be able to measure both the velocity of the research — and it’s volatility. Are papers dropping quickly in their score, or are some fundamentals staying solid for decades? When we measure all these factors for fields where we have seen the breakthroughs happening, and then measure state of the volatility and velocity of a field where we have not yet seen the big breakthroughs — and boom! the users’ decision making support for their investment thesis will be taken to a whole other level.

Fake news

Yes, please!! While the KVE can not discern what a politician said or not, or whether a current event happened this way or that — how about tools to immediately measure the validity of claims to whether or not vaccines work, on whether a new “groundbreaking amazing technology that will cure cancer” actually holds scientific merit or has limiting factors not disclosed in the article… Please come build this with us.

Alternative medicine website claims

And while we’re at it, how about a way to drop the URL to an alternative medicine type website into a tool that extracts the claims of the site and validates each of the claims up against existing academic research? It sure would make navigating your health a lot easier!

Wikipedia integration

Oh and we’d love to invite Wikipedia to integrate their articles with the Knowledge Validation Engine, to validate each of their articles up against the world’s research. We love Wikipedia’s incredible work in crowd sourcing knowledge for the world and would be excited to add another layer of validation to the more technical or scientific articles.

And remember folks, these ideas are up for grabs! If you had an engine that could validate a claim or a piece of knowledge up against all of the world’s research — what project, product or company would you build? Tell us in the comments, or in our Telegram group!

CEO & Co-Founder @theIrisAI // Faculty at SingularityU Denmark

CEO & Co-Founder @theIrisAI // Faculty at SingularityU Denmark