Why Flutter Is Highly Recommended For Cross-Platform App Development?

Anita Shah
Jul 31 · 3 min read

Flutter is Google’s baby that allows the utilization of a single codebase for developing native Android and iOS applications. Rather than being a framework, it is a complete SDK that contains everything you require for cross-platform app development.

The following are some of the striking reasons that attract business owners and developers to include Flutter for mobile app development.

Faster code Writing

Flutter is very quick, allowing developers to write codes in a matter of moments and flawlessly make changes whenever required. This process is known as a hot reload that takes only a few seconds to change everything and help teams to add more features, fix bugs, and experiment with anything at a pace. Hot reload features make things very helpful among developers and designers for experimenting with something new or innovative. To simply put across, with Flutter, your designers and testers can work together along with a developer on UI of the application, empowering them to deliver a notable mobile app.

Single code for Android & iOS

As we all know that the aim of cross-platform app development is to covers both platforms (Android & iOS) with a single code. Now you don’t need to spend hours writing codes separately as a single code database is sufficient for both platforms. Other than that, Flutter app development services also help you to begin with development on the Fuchsia platform, which is an experimenting OS in development at Google.

Best for showcasing MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the idea of your mobile app or web app that convinces your investors to invest in your business. With flutter app development services, you can without much of a stretch create MVP on both the platforms that too in minimal time. That’s the reason many entrepreneurs are using this platform to fasten their mobile app development process.

Less pain of testing

As we all know that Flutter app development services allow developers to build up a single code database, which implies you don’t need to write separate codes for Android or iOS. This not only benefits developers but also tester as they don’t have to test the codes on various platforms over and over.

Design highly customizable app for users

Flutter offers the flexibility to the app developers to develop their own widgets or customize the existing widget. This provides a peculiar and one of a kind attribute to your application design that your users will adore.

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Pros and Cons of Flutter app development services


  • Compatibility with different OS


  • Mobile-friendly only

To sum up

Thus, when you know about the tremendous benefits of Flutter app development services, it’s high time to utilize this promising technology to develop stunning native applications. If you want to create apps on a budget, investing in this framework is the ideal choice without a doubt. If you want to develop a cross-platform app, a reliable Flutter app development company is the ideal choice.

Anita Shah

Written by

I am Anita Shah, a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies. I like to write and sharing innovative blogs or articles related to the latest technologies.

Anita Shah

Written by

I am Anita Shah, a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies. I like to write and sharing innovative blogs or articles related to the latest technologies.

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