Top Five Covers Offered by Personal Accident Insurance

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.” — Sholom Alcheim

Life is full of ups and downs, and uncertain things happen, which may give your life an unexpected turn. You cannot predict the outcome of unexpected events, but you can surely hedge the financial risk associated with them with an insurance policy.

For grievous events like accidents which can cause extensive physical damage and personal injury, you should buy a personal accident insurance. This policy is different from the regular healthcare plan that offers medical reimbursements. To get a better idea of this plan, take a look at the top five covers provided by this policy.

Accidental Death

This cover is primarily offered by a health insurance plan. However, at times, the sum assured provided by life policy may not be sufficient. By purchasing the personal accidental policy, you get an opportunity to increase the life cover amount.

Total Disability Coverage

Imagine what will happen if you are completely paralyzed after a life-threatening accident? Such extreme event will force you to leave your job and your financial income will stop. Total Disability Cover keeps this from happening and provides sufficient reimbursement.

Accidental Hospitalization

At times, hospitalization cover offered by health plans may not be sufficient enough to pay off medical expenses. In order to increase the sum insured of the health plan, personal accident policy offers additional hospitalization cover of upto Rs. 20 lacs.

Partial Disability

Some accidents can be deadly enough to leave you partially paralyzed. This condition will affect your work and earning capacity. To compensate for the financial losses, partial disability cover is provided.

Educational Grant

Suppose if you are unable to work after an accident, your monthly income will stop. Now if you happen to have school-going kids, you will be unable to pay their fees. Educational Grant offered by this policy takes care of this inconvenience.

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