During my childhood years, winters used to keep us freezing as the surreal landscapes were covered in mountains of snow. On the sidewalk, in front of the building I grew up, there was an almost “forever green” strip of ice. Kids would revel in using it with plenitude. We would even “keep it alive” if, by chance, snow would dare to cover it. Ice sliding, in the funniest and “trickiest” of ways, was one of the pieces of happiness we would never get enough of.

On the other hand, the icicles we would find hanging from rooftops or cars were…

😳 The foreword blew my mind! 😳

There's no such thing as random happenings. That's a fact! If you don't believe it, I'll share something with you. You still need to test it on your skin, though. 😉

Earlier this year I got acquainted to Alicia Nicole "WATERS" (a media empire owner). We had a few delightful phone calls, but that’s about it. Well, delightful is an understatement, but I can’t find a better word now, as I’m still in shock!

Anyways... When I asked if people wanted to write a #review & the foreword for #7padlocks I was very…

(And why “caring is sharing”?)

Quote by Andrada Anitei

Last year (2018) someone asked me, on a social media platform, how do I manage to keep my readers engaged. Yesterday, someone else, from the same social media platform, asked me for advice about how to start writing.

If these two scenarios may seem to have nothing to do with one another (and the title), then you will probably find this article useful.

Questions to ask yourself before you start writing

“Should I write for myself or for the audience?”

This is one of the questions I get asked a lot. And, deep within, I believe that people ask this as they would like to let their pens…

Photo © Andrada Anitei

I’m in the process of shaping up my second book, fitting in the fictional self-development genre (just like the first one 🤭).

While my fingertips are crying their misery due to the speed of me typing my ideas (just to make sure I don’t lose any important detail), one thought popped into my mind and won’t let me rest. Thus, I had to step back from my story for a short while and write this article.

I’m not sure what’s the percentage of authors that chose this genre, however this one seems to fit my style the best. Is it…

Part 7

She was in that point of her life where she didn't just lose her faith in humanity, but also in whatever higher power was out there, governing this life.

But, for some reason, once she brought her hands together, a thought came thundering to her mind:

“Lord… Universe… or whatever force is out there… I need guidance. Seriously! I know I disregarded you in the past… Oh, for my entire life, I guess. But I need strength. I need to become this someone else. I need a helping hand out here. You can't let me die!”

And she closed her…

Part 6

Although her mind was wandering and getting bombarded with all sorts of thoughts, at some point she fell asleep, for long hours. That sleep was extremely beneficial to her, as she has spent a significant amount of energy on everything that happened. Only that frighten of the spider reduced her energy level to 50%.

In her sleep, she had a vivid dream.

It was as if she was confidently walking on thin, cracking ice. Out of the blue, she was attacked by dragons of different shapes, colors and dimensions. …

Don’t deny your true nature. You feel and that’s OK!

Recently I started looking at getting a “real job” again. You know… That one which brings a monthly steady income.

Walk and be bold

One day, under the pressure of my thoughts, I started walking and entering all grocery shops, book stores or any other business I saw on the way. What I did was to boldly ask if they were hiring. I got various answers, even the one to leave a CV and move on. I never heard from those until this day.

#7padlocks (series)

Part 5

But this thing with humans… Was it REALLY necessary?

“Why do we need to interact with others?” she asked herself. “Why is it that we can't solve everything alone? Why on earth do we need to reach out to others for help?”

Then, leaving her head down again, she took a dive into introspection, for the first time in a while. That creature really got her thinking:

“If only there would be a way to fight those dragons by myself. I so much wish I was the most powerful woman in the world! I wonder if there is…

Life’s struggles are real and we need to be those adults we hate to be every day!

Build yourself a bridge towards the future


The below text represents a real life story (mine) and its purpose of being exposed here is to INSPIRE and UPLIFT others!

I am a stubborn believer in the fact that things CAN and WILL happen, by dreaming big and working for it.

I am a dreamer by default and this makes my experience in this world a bit more difficult than for the others.

There! I said it, loud and clear. 😁 And this is a big step for my own self, first.

For almost 1 year, I did my best to build a freelancing career, based on #FlavoredWriting, editing and other services I offer.

Guess what?

Except for a few gigs here and there (which I am tremendously grateful for…

#ProseTime #AWSeries

Monday morning brings you a short piece of a new #creativewriting (prose) I'm working on, called #7padlocks

Part 4

The woman was intrigued. Of course she knew what was going on in her own mind! But WHO was that spider, anyway? And why did it have to come up like that?

If there was something she needed, that was help. And that thing denied to offer it? What kind of creature was that?

Her mocking voice and disbelief were just a façade. She did believe the little crawling creature's story. Because it was all true. …

Anitei Andrada

NLP Practitioner & Coach | Emotional Writer & Editor | Author x 2 | Founder of FlavoredVentures.com | #FlavoredWriting |

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