Be human first (even in business)

Don’t deny your true nature. You feel and that’s OK!

Recently I started looking at getting a “real job” again. You know… That one which brings a monthly steady income.

Walk and be bold

One day, under the pressure of my thoughts, I started walking and entering all grocery shops, book stores or any other business I saw on the way. What I did was to boldly ask if they were hiring. I got various answers, even the one to leave a CV and move on. I never heard from those until this day.

One foot in front of the other. But also bring them in the same place. Take a second and breathe!

Nonetheless, to a nearby grocery shop I got an opportunity to speak to the general manager. She received me very warmly, I was completely open about my situation. She understood all the less-convenient aspects, I loved her open mind. Therefore, I decided to take the job, even if temporarily.

There’s nothing wrong with swimming against the tide. Just observe the waves.

She made the necessary procedures for me to have a medical checkup the next Monday. But the weekend brought a huge situation turn - when life strikes hard, you need to change the action plan. And so I did. I realized I needed to go back to the corporate world, against my will. But the situation required it. Ever since, I made phone calls to ask people to help me out. I left my ego aside and admitted I needed help to set my situation straight.

Be human first

We all know how it feels to be stood up. You know, when you apply for a job and the waiting time never ends?

Well, that’s exactly what I considered in the above situation. The woman who was so understanding with my single motherhood didn’t deserve this treatment. Plus, I’ve been there so many times that now I would spare everyone of those terrible feelings, if I could. And so, I found it fair to inform this amazing lady about my change of plans. I called, with trembling hands and increased heartbeat, hoping for another round of understanding, yet having that bit of a shaking in my heart. I hate to disappoint people, especially the ones who treat me so well.

Think twice before mocking someone. The wheel will turn, one day…

To my relief (and extremely delightful surprise) she completely got it, as I was - once again - entirely open in telling her my reasons. So the call ended in friendly terms, with lines such as “I wish you all the best. Thank you for informing me and, if you ever reconsider, you are welcome here”.

The pretzel and the yogurt

In a world like the one we witness today, such a reaction and proof of kindness are a true blessing. We are used to getting kicks in the butt in such cases, because of the many people who don't listen and understand. But this lady… She reinforced, once again, my faith in the beauty of human souls.

Today (two weeks after the above episode) after I took my girls to the kindergarten, I stopped at the nearby pastry to buy my regular, low-budget breakfast: a pretzel and a yogurt. I bought two pretzels, with the thought of giving one to the beggar next to me. While I was handing the pretzel to the poor man, someone tapped me on the back.

When I turned my head, it was her - that beautiful lady that understood me so well. When I saw her, I felt like knowing her since forever, even though for a second I couldn't put a name on the face. So, instinctively, I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. My mind connected the dots, as soon as she asked:

“How are you? Did you manage to get the job you were looking for?”

I was open, once again, and told her - with a smile on my face - that corporate procedures take pretty long. To which she replied and stressed out:

“If you ever change your mind, you will still have a place in the team at the store.”

Business needs vulnerability and openness

You see, business world has always been thought of as being rigid. But that's just because most people (regardless of their position) choose to implant that idea; they choose to put on a mask for every situation. They're afraid to let their human side show. They're afraid of being judged as being weak. But I do hope things will change in this regard!

Going back to my story, if I was close-minded and I would have chosen to lie about my situation to make myself look good, things would have been way different. Also, if I didn’t make that call to inform her about my derailed road and stood her up, would I still be in her grace? Trust me, the answer is “No”. And I know this for a fact, due to my previous experience and that never-ending waiting time.

Choose your actions wisely. Don’t bring clouds in someone’s life!

The point I’m trying to make here is that people appreciate openness. Even in business. Because we are all human, before anything else. Even before being a business person. So, whether you are a highly-positioned CEO, a sports champion, a janitor or a beggar, remember that we all breathe the same air. Remember that we all have feelings and that we all want genuine interactions. Say what you will, but before coming with a counter-argument to my statement, take a minute, look deep within yourself and ask yourself the following 2 questions: “Am I an island?” and “Does this heavy mask I’m wearing every day serve any purpose?”

YOU are the CHANGE !

In time, you will come to know yourself better by asking these questions and by giving yourself an honest answer. And, once you do, life and business will have no border, in regards to human existence. We all need a dime, but we all breathe the same air and have only one best friend in this life: ourselves.

Happiness never hurt a soul. Neither did the magic of a pure heart!

Be honest with yourself and so will you be with others. And that’s where the magic starts to happen!



*📸 by yours truly




NLP Practitioner & Coach | Emotional Writer & Editor | Author x 2 | Founder of | #FlavoredWriting |

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Anitei Andrada

Anitei Andrada

NLP Practitioner & Coach | Emotional Writer & Editor | Author x 2 | Founder of | #FlavoredWriting |

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