Walking towards new Habits

I am in my early 30,s and I love it. It brings with it self a comfortable feeling; I am no longer bothered about being seen shopping alone, exercising and excusing from a gathering which doesn’t interest me. We all are at this stage of our lives busy with work, home, kids and other activities. Somewhere along this busy road we deprioritize our own well-being.

While there are many positives of doing our own things, it also brings with itself opportunities to change some habits to enhance our personal well-being. This post is about recognizing those habits and developing them consciously into daily routines.

I used to complain about waking up tired, yet I did not go to bed early. Rather the 20's night owl inside me kept me awake to watch a series on TV or book or iPad till past midnight. Every Sunday our newspaper has an article dedicated to “How I start my day”. I think it’s how we end our day, the amount of rest we allow our self that reflects on how we wake up. I did decide to go to bed early as sleeping well meant a well-rested mind. I did start waking up with a better frame of mind to begin a new day.

Like many of us I am also finicky about my skin, clothes, weight and accomplishments. Having tried out different cosmetic options such as facials, chemical peels I came to the conclusion if I want a glowing healthy skin and good health, its time I eat healthy balanced meals. There are no shortcuts to good health. It’s a lifelong commitment I must make.

Drinking water is equally essential. There have been days when I drank the first glass of water at noon even though I woke up early. I know many of us just forget to drink water until our mouth feels dry; however it is a habit we need to form. It took me a while to get into the habit of drinking water at regular intervals. Now thankfully there is no going back.

I am perplexed to hear someone my age complain, lack of strength to carry a mildly heavy grocery bag and walk for a short distance. Reading articles about the risks of sedentary lifestyle didn't have the same effect on me as I used to view it as just another article. My discussion with my friends however has made me think I am as susceptible as anyone else. It has made me commit to maintaining an active lifestyle.

It’s our choice to choose a physical activity we like and do it every day. We can choose to go for a walk, run, yoga, tennis, swimming, gym etc. Our choices are unlimited. Let us build physical strength within ourselves in terms of stamina and endurance.

Equally our focus should be on maintaining a good posture. While we sit or stand it is easy to slouch but it is harmful for our back. I have a tendency to slouch when I am standing which made my shoulders look droopy and made my tummy come out. I used to not think much about how my frame would appear, but knowing about it has made me consciously stand straight.

In my 20’s my understanding and acceptance about the importance of these habits were minimal. As I grow older I want to be able to take better care of myself and my loved ones without being held back by any serious illness. It means working towards maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Sometimes it seems easier to focus on what work didn't happen or what went wrong. While venting is good option for a short time, nobody can be a long term sounding board. It’s up to us to develop a positive outlook every day. It will help us relax and be friendlier. Let us take into account the small victories that happen daily and celebrate them.

To quote Jim Rohn “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. So each day I try to have a positive attitude about life.

I chose to write about habits because we need constant reminders to follow these habits.

We can set reminders on our phones, keep an alarm, write it on top of the fridge, or use an app to remind ourselves of our routine. I have tried Runtastic and MSN health & fitness to help me keep myself on track. While I don’t want to debate the accuracy of the apps it does constantly remind me that I am staying active.

These habits are however not somethings we should take for granted in pursuit of our accomplishments. All these habits reap results only in long term. I believe in aging gracefully and hope these stepping stones help me get there.

Finally I would like to say let us be like the spider in the nursery rhyme itsy bitsy spider. No matter what happens go back and start over.