Here 10 Trending Relationship Slangs You Must Know

With emerging online dating apps, our lives have been changed completely. Now a relationship is not simply known as a relationship anymore as several slangs have also been associated with it. Thus, if you are also in a relationship or planning to get into a relationship, here are 10 relationship slangs you must know.

1. Textationship

A relationship in which texting is used as a primary mode of conversation is called Textationship.
 E.g. — Textationship is the best as I am not required to put in so much effort to get the results.

2. Chexing

When you and your guy are open for chat+sexting, you are in a chexing.
 E.g. — No, we are not dating each other, we are just Chexing. *WINK*>>>READ MORE