💡 How to get started with S-Wallet 💡

If you're not already with us, it's time to join the S-Wallet ecosystem. It takes a few minutes.

1️⃣ Create a personal S-Wallet account
2️⃣ Top up your balance
3️⃣ Connect two-factor authentication
4️⃣ Enjoy all the available functions

Stay tuned, there are many interesting things ahead 🙌

Whitelist Form: https://swp.s-wallet.ai/main
TestNet Web-version:

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💥 What is the S-Wallet ecosystem? 💥A scalable platform, thanks to POS consensus.

✔️ 10,000+ users daily
✔️ 100+ countries of coverage
✔️ 2FA protection for all financial transactions
✔️ Multilingual
✔️ User friendly interface

S-Wallet functionality:

👉🏻 Instant deposits with available cryptocurrencies
👉🏻 Support for fiat currencies USD and EUR
👉🏻 Buying and selling assets in a few clicks
👉🏻 Guaranteed liquidity
👉🏻 Cross-chain exchange in seconds
👉🏻 Withdrawal 24/7

Our team is actively developing new functionalities that makes the S-Wallet ecosystem technologically advanced and convenient 🙌