Nature is the Solution

The issue I chose was the negative effects of war and conflict on innocent civilians, specifically focusing on the displacement of those innocent civilians. One prime example of the devastating effects of war/conflict is seen with the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Thinking of a way that nature could help solve the issue I chose was a difficult task. To me, nature is considered to be the beauty stemming from trees, flowers, and greenery in the world. I was very confused when trying to create a unique solution via nature, to solve my issue. I pondered long and hard about this. In the end, I realized the one thing the Syrian refugees, and many refugees for that matter, do not have, are vital resources such as food and water, to live. There had to be a way to provide enough resources for them to survive.

Then, I remembered an interesting thing that I saw while getting lost in Milwaukee. It was a tiny, adorable community garden. I thought maybe starting a community garden at the refugee camps could be a long term way to provide food for the refugees.

Another realization I made, was that all of the refugee children were quickly getting their childhood stolen from them. The horrors they experience as a result of war/conflict are cruelly snatching away the innocent curiosity that most children have. So, taking refugee kids to nearby parks and forests may be a small but essential step at bringing back their sense of innocent curiosity.

I’ve realized that using nature to solve my issue will take a long time, but the long term positive effects they have will be worth it. It will take small steps to make the situation for the refugees better. However, I have hope, and will always keep my end goal in mind.

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