We — The Inscrutable Indians!

Occassion — India’s 70th birthday celebration

Venue- An educated Delhi colony!

Kids presented lovely poems, skits and dances praising their country and creating awareness on other favourite topics as cleanliness, unity in diversity and sacrifices made such that we can breathe in free India! Parents were taking pride and collecting accolades on how well they were bringing up their children! Though not a competition — yet the parents and the audience were ready with their own list of the best, the second best and a vague mention about kid who wasn’t that good! Heard this — “You were good but next time prepare better” or “ Did you see how “Mrs Sharma’s son recited the LakshmiBai poem — remarkable! — you were fine but learn something from him” .

Every opportunity for us is a race which has to be performed the best self.

We do that — not sparing even a single chance to compare and rate — on our own prejudices and scales!

The beautiful program ended with a vote of thanks and the compère requested to queue up for collection of snacks and drinks. Now, the word queue never was and still isnt in our dictionary! Within no time, there was a hue and cry — maximize has been our thumbrule — everyone was busy collecting as many snack boxes as they can — as many as the number of members in the family — present or absent from the birthday party.

Yet again we proved that we loose ourselves when it comes to perseverance and tolerance! We do that each time every time especially if something is available for free!

And as if that was not enough — within no time the entire place got filled with bottles and empty boxes and papers. Dustbins though stationed werent being much of use! All this when we recited poems on cleanliness and tolerance just a few minutes back and boasted on how well we understood that — but I think we missed the point — the point of teaching by example! If we cannot then how and to what level the kids will?

Isnt it So seamless we do it— put on and off — the masks that we have been wearing since ever - hiding comfortably behind!

Inscrutable we are indeed — we could have behaved at least on our Freedom day!

This independence day lets free ourselves from our masks of hypocrisy —Lets step back and ponder to be an example of citizens who empathize, are patient enough to bear a couple of minutes of queuing up and practice what we teach.

A small vow to free ourselves from our masks and prejudices and do our bit to make “Mera Bharat Mahan” in true sense — in our own immediate worlds!


Also published -https://www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/parenting-is-fun/article/we-the-inscrutable-indians

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