Scoring 100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights with Jekyll
Dimitri König

Hello Dimitri,

at first i’d like to thank you helping other to get an better score from Google PageSpeed Insight. I have tryed some other tools in Wordpress to get an better score. I think the real problem about the discontent with the Google PageSpeed is that no cms, editor, tool or extension get you free of this . Every extra on the page risk a lower performance and if you like to get the 100/100 score again you must optimise again.

I checked the URL by Google PageSpeed Insight again. The result is not so good: 63/100 on mobile an 80/100. I know these from one of my own sites: . Every little other optimisation, an rich snippet tool for example intended to get more meta data in my page use css or java script and i have to check and optimise again and i never will get 100/100 again. An other example is the usage of commenting or social media tools which will phone to home there own server will cost some percent of the green bar. Why nobody develop an tool to exempt us of these never ending spiral. My hope that Jekyll will help to solve this problem is greater then zero. But in realy think if i not wright my code by myself or write a tool that is similar to an cms by my self this problem will never be solved. But i won’t do that. My intension is to create content not a tool or bother with coding. Maybe in a far future the good of programming will spend us an environment to solve this, and only content matters and not any speed testing tool. Until this i bother with code and i hate it. It costs my time.

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