Media Project Draft
Elizabeth Doub


I thought you did really well on explaining the overall concept of vine and its aesthetic, how it’s seen and used in the media today. I also like the fact that you incorporated a few examples of people who use vines, and from doing so, not only discussing their fame, popularity, but also their economic status. I think by adding these examples, it reinforces the cultural and aesthetic aspect of vine, but it also helps me relate more to the topic. I thought this draft was well organized.

I think one thing you could further discuss or consider is the idea of “The concept of “Vine Stars “ sounds ridiculous because in today’s culture, people who get famous and have ‘no talent’”(last paragraph). Maybe talk about both sides of that argument. I would be very curious who’s against it and who supports it. Another thing you could consider is to write a small bib of the technology aspect of vine, only because you talked about the other three, some more than others. For example, how is it that much more different from Snapchat or Instagram, especially sense now on Instagram, you can upload videos.

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