Palava City: A Smart Solution For All

Mumbai real estate market is infamous for being one of the most expensive markets in the world. Every season we see a fresh bunch of people shifting to Mumbai to take a piece of the countless opportunities that the city promises. Stacks upon stack of apartments, busy roads with no respite from traffic, ill-equipped management and an ever-increasing population — that’s an accurate picture of Mumbai. The city is evidently growing at a steady rate but what lacks is the rate at which it should prosper. Due to this, more and more people are looking towards the outskirts as a more viable living solution, as opposed to living in a congested city where prices are steep. You can see the attraction of buying flats in Dombivali, Thane or Kalyan, where opportunities are equally high for many.

Magnificent Aerial View of Lodha Palava City (*Image Source :

Palava City, which is a township under the Lodha Group, is another solution for a more habitable living in an integrated, planned city. Situated in the heart of the economic triangle of Dombivali, Thane and Navi Mumbai, Palava city promises to be more than a planned city for people to inhabit, but also a new, better way of living for urban Indians. It is designed keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of the 21st century Indians, along with a deliberate effort to benchmark every aspect of the city against a global criteria. The smart city is built atop three pillars to empower their residents:

1. Educational and business opportunities to enable prosperity;

2. A chance to take part in the running of the city;

3. A satisfying lifestyle that can be carried forward for generations.

Each residence offers affordable luxury with excellent facilities for the residents. You only have to walk around a little bit in this lakeside city to find everything you need at a stone’s throw.

Lake View — Palava City (*Image Source :

Airy garden residences that offer utmost peace, excellent educational institutions, safe and secure public spaces, top-of-the-line healthcare facilities, and an extravagant clubhouse for you to work, play, swim and relax in! It is a holistic environment that incorporates the best of smart technologies, infrastructure, culture and tradition to make your day-to-day life transcendent. Living in Palava means living in a cocoon of constant comfort.