Dear Glasses,

I know I have neglected you recently. I have left you unfolded on my desk in search of a new solution to aid my vision. A pair of invisible lenses that fits neatly under my eyelids, and allows me to see without needing you perched on my nose. Although this sounds awful to say, I guess I wanted you there without it being so obvious that you were there. Needless to say glasses, you have been through it all with me. I first met you in the fifth grade when I greeted you warmly and paraded you around with pride. I mean, wearing glasses meant you were smart, right? In seventh grade I wondered why barely any TV shows or movies had any main characters with glasses. When my power increased, I began to cringe at the prospect of keeping you on all day every day. Finally I gave in and decided that I would look better without you. I told myself I would trade you up for maybe two glorious days of contacts a week. At home, you were my true faithful buddy and you supported me for endless hours of studying or late night movie marathons. In the springtime of allergy season, when my contacts refused to cooperate with my cornea I knew I could always count on you to be there for me.

I started to wonder how I managed all these years without another option besides you. Seeing clearly meant depending on you to reveal distant realities and keep me in the loop of things. Every single day I needed you to show me the light. Yet, once I had you on life wasn’t exactly wonderful. I could never wear sunglasses without having you peek under. You just never made room for my stylish desires. One time during a wild match of basketball in gym class, I jumped for the ball and you flung off my nose landing across the floor. Instead of running after the opponent I had to run after you. In pictures of me you stole the spotlight with your shiny glint that reflected everything in the room. I have had paranoia of bumping into things because if you got hurt or broken while you were on my face, well that would hurt me. Very much. But the hardest times, were when you weren't there for me. You would disappear under a heap of clothes or lie somewhere on a cluttered table. I have spent so much time searching for you every time you got misplaced. You know I need you to see and what greater punishment could you give me than to seek you out without your obligatory aid? At times like that, you made me wonder if we could go on like this any longer.

Thus, I will end my ranting with an apology. I am sorry if I ever made you feel less worthy. I just need you to know that you have this ability to make me feel oh so comfortable. With you I can be my goofy nerdy self and you are not one to judge. I will always be contented knowing that I can come home to your warm familiar welcome. After all, you are the original classic and don’t let any sleek little lense tell you different!

Yours Truly,


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