WiDS Dublin a digital conference took place on 9th June in association with Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland. Being an Ambassador, I had an amazing time planning and hosting this regional conference, and networking with Ambassadors globally.

WiDS Dublin, managed to connect the women around the world and to support them in making a career in this evolving technology.

The stage was set to let women take a centre stage and to help other women to grow in the male dominated field.

While organizing the event, there were few setbacks such as speaker’s last minute back out, the pandemic which has changed our lives but as said by many the show must go on. This digital conference managed to be a success with 100 attendees, women and men both supported and joined the event.

The guest speakers Ruth Lennon, Lynda Owoo, Sidra Bashir talked about their journey as well as gave an insight on diversity in Data Science. Ruth Lennon stated the importance of Devops for Data Science; Sidra Bashir spoke about Building tools to Vet quality and robustness of Large Datasets; Linda Owoo’s talk title was How I Got Into Analytics, she talked about her career transition in Data Science and how is it possible for anyone to make a move even if they have a different skill set.

A huge positive take of the digital conference was connecting with people around the world. The event managed to help women understand the diverse fields of data science while using the foundation of their skills to build a career in data science.

The event inspired many to bring a change as they wanted in their career.

A few screenshots of the WiDS Dublin digital conference has been attached here to have a look in.

Lastly, I am glad to be a part of this big movement to support women and to let them know the surplus career choices they have in Data Science. Thankyou!


Data Enthusiast | NLP Researcher | Writer | WiDS Ambassador | Neo4j Certified. LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2OjR1KR.

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