The Illusion of Perfection

I won’t be shocked if you already agree with me on the title of this article.
Yes, as far as I have experienced life, this is one thing which I’m absolutely sure of — perfection is an illusion. The perfect dress? The perfect girl? The perfect career? Even the perfect holiday destination? I think it is all just a lie to keep us running from here to there, without truly being into something.

Okay, that was fast! Let me slow down.

Here’s what I want to say — the perfection we so desperately tend to achieve, doesn’t truly exist. Definitely, some part of that perfection can be achieved, but something perfect in its true sense isn’t actually there. There’s only an idea of it. In our own heads.

What if I marry the most perfect guy in this whole world? My life would be so great. He would love me more than anyone. But where will I find him? And even if I find him, what if one day, he stops being the “perfect”? What will I do then? Divorce him? Run away? Looking for the perfect again? You already know how insane I sound! But that is what we do on a subtle level, every day, in our every action. Running behind that perfect. In ourselves and others.

Okay, so you have a valid question. How will we become the best and get the best for ourselves? Here, your question contains the answer. We have to work for the “best”. And endure enough judgement to identify when that “best” appears in front of us. And draw a line where that “best” ends and the elusive race for “perfect” begins.

I think that if I stop running behind all the perfect, I might save a lot of effort and pain (of not being able to achieve that perfect). And this might help me to rejoice all that I already have.

Because sometimes, we don’t treat people around us right, we don’t find happiness in little things, we’re not satisfied with what we have already got only because something “perfect” hypothetically exists for us. And that “hypothetical” person, thing, or situation seems miraculously better than the thing at hand and we are ready to compromise with our current scenarios, hoping that someday, we will possess that “perfect”.


Okay, so where are we heading?

When we start loving and embracing the imperfections in everything around us, we get closer to the meaning of perfection — the flawlessness in our feelings. When we feel perfect or feel that something is just perfect for us, that’s when we fully enjoy it. And the more we accept the imperfections in everything, the more perfections we can identify in them.

That’s just how this universe works. Everything exists as a complement to each other. The more you run behind happiness, the more sadness you get to deal with. The more we try to hold on to something, the more it runs away from us. That’s just the law of nature. And I think if we understand this balance, we can make peace with a lot of things around us.

P.S. Do work for the best and don’t stop until you achieve it! All the best! :)