Not a green world but a grey globe

A curious mind, ready to explore,
I walked around, feet not-a-bit sore.

Early morning, the world just waking,
I set out my eyes, eager to take in.

Places I've read I dreamt to see,
One with nature i wanted to be.

Green lands, woods and azure seas,
Birds flying in the light autumn breeze.
All this i dreamt and hoped to see
With a light heart, I walked care free.

As i walked, my mind started to doubt,
there were no trees, not even a sprout.

Where was this, the promised green?
And the woods, so serene?

With blades cutting every piece of wood,
Men killing for more than just food.

Electric giants devouring life,
Death awaited, like a butcher's knife.

I tried the beach, and the deep blue sea,
But the golden sand was no longer seen.

The very air we breathed was not spared,
Man's presence was felt everywhere.

With every step my heart throbbed,
For it was not a green world but a grey globe.

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