Water recycle plan for New Town:

Water Treatment Plant

>>> The entire New Town has networks of box drains which receive storm water runoff from the roads & pavements and flows down further into link canal or pass khal in Action Area I. As the gravitational flow fails to function, the lifting pumping stations are positioned at strategic points to discharge into Lower Bagjola khal that joins ultimately with the Kulti-gong river. The lower Bagjola khal is the main drainage artery, runs through the township.

Bagjola khal

o . The HIDCO authorities are now exploring the possibility whether the pumping station could divert drainage flow into Water treatment plant located at Tarulia.

o . The authorities hope the rainwater, drained from the New Town roads, could also be treated at the Tarulia plant and diverted back to the township to be used at the commercial complexes.

o . The authorities are also exploring, if the rainwater could be treated and purified at the 100mgd plant so that it could be used as potable water.

o . The state Public health engineering (PHE) department is preparing a concept plan on how rain water harvesting could lead to optimum utilization of water at commercial complexes as Eco Park, parks and even in community toilets.

o . >>>Incidentally ,it may be stated , that it is already planned that water from Hooghly river will be sent to the Tarulia plant through 6 ft dia pipes for treatment and then supplied across New Town and partially at Salt lake for consumption.

Ø >> I feel it is a good proposition, but it needs a detail study for the following points:

i) Actually, the Hooghly surface water, initially will be brought into several ponds/ water tanks, created at Tarulia . Then, will be treated at the 100mgd plant and finally passed through water supply delivery lines to various points.

ii) Now, according to new proposal, the created ponds will have two sources to receive the raw water a) Hooghly river water and b) diverted storm drainage water and , in that case , it is to be examined ,how the contribution of each case , would be fixed up with the present capacity of ponds, if the diverted storm joins initially with the ponds.

iii) Alternatively, it may also to be studied, how much storm drainage water could be diverted directly into 100 mgd Treatment Plant at Tarulia, if possible.

iv) During any concentrated rainfall, particularly when it occurs 6 mm or exceeding that , the quantum of drainage water is likely to be in much higher side and in that situation, whether the same box drainage net works , could serve both the purposes , or, any separate dedicated pipeline for storm water diversion is to be installed to connect the treatment plant at Tarulia.

v) Again, to meet up the additional demand for purification of water, whether the 100 mgd Water treatment Plant at Tarulia is suffice for the treatment of diverted storm water flow or it needs to be enhanced.

>>Furthermore, it is also revealed that a no of sewage treatment pumps at various points of New Town, flush out waste water after being treated and pumped into the nearby bherries and canals. Now, the authorities are also examining the possibilities of treating this water, running it through a second stage of purification, so that it can be used for gardening, washing and flushing at commercial and public establishments

o . But, probably, we are all aware that the East Kolkata Wetlands( EKW), the vital component of the friendly water regime that provides ecological security to the mega city of Kolkata as well as towards adjoining cities e.g. New Town , Salt Lake etc. It provides fishery, agriculture, garbage farming, waste recycling and miscellaneous related activities.

o . In the above context, the authorities also may look into this issue, during the examination of alternative possibility.

Images of East kolkata Wet land (E KW)

East kolkota wet land .

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