On NOT Following Your Passion
Nrithya Mixel Randhir

So well written Nrithya!!! I am 30 in two months and I am in the exact same place that you were at going through the exact same things upto right now. I followed my passion as a social worker and now I’m working on going back to corporate because I’m not financially stable, I was and am extremely dependant on my partner, family and a few very good girlfriends for finances which does take a toll on everyone! And that’s not fair to any of them!

For people like us, the best part of using all your other skills at a job you like and are good at, AND following your passion that you just love and are so natural at at the same time, is that you get to use your full potential and live life. Not everyone is lucky enough to make their passion their career. I tried and it was a good run but it doesn’t help you live because there are responsibilites and relastionships that depend on it!

But yes, burnt fingers, much less endless emotional days& nights and GREAT lessons! :) Looking forward to the new beginning!

I’ll see you on third floor in November! :) 
Keep writing. ❤❤

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