Tantrik — Mantra explained.

Tantrik — Mantra explained.

The ideas I describe are here based on Sri — Vidya sadhana, as I am only concerned with following that. Readers are advised to take advantage of their intelligence and absorb the maximum. None of the mantras will be disclosed here as mantras should be get directly from a competent master in Sri Vidya, otherwise the mantras wont work at all.

Sri — Vidya Mantras
Different types of mantras are there in the Sri Vidya sadhana. Depending upon the stages you would get Bala, Ganapathi, Panchadasi, Shodashi, Mahashodashi. The entry to all those will be decided by guru. He will initiate as per as his parampara. I would like to emphasise the fact that you should get the mantra, only from a competent authenticated master, otherwise the mantra simply wont work. If you continue sadhana with such a mantra obtained from a non-competent , non-authenticated person, day by day troubles will come to your life. You would feel frustrated, confusing and lost in the way of sadhana. I got my initiation by mistake from such a person first, I experienced various problems and somehow by mercy of Tripurasundari everything got corrected. Well if we resort to positive thinking, I can say everything including my first initiation happened for a good cause, as I later shifted to proper sadhana. Still as a precuatation if one can take care of how the guru is , will be good.

Qualities of Guru and Disciple.

As as a disciple, you have full right to judge and analyse how the guru. The guru may not be a Brahmin or Poojari, but he should be part of Sri Vidya tradition. That is the basic qualification. He should not be a sanyasi. Sanyasi(those wearing saffron), and those in Tantra Path follow contradictory practises, measn a sanyasi can never properly do Sri — Vidya sadhana or it wont save any purpose at all. So you should be aware of this minimum things described above. Vaidika and Tantrika are two concepts and those in sanyasa paths should be avoided at all cost, for Sri vidya sadhana. The more a person is a householder the better the sadhana effect will be, implies that if you could inititation from a Guru, who is in line with Sri Vidya parampara and same time he a householder(living with his wife), the more powerful the mantras will become. As my guru always stresses, A shakthi upasaka should live with sakthi(feminal form), not the sanyasa way.

Food and other things has no relatiion with this Sadhana, howver some sampradays of Sri vidya prefer strict Vegetarinism. About the qualities of guru described above, now we can concentrate on the quality of disciple. Like said above, if the disciple is a householder with interest in Sri Vidya sadhna, the better his sadhana will be. Sri Vidya sadhana is a secretive sadhana, which is alone suffice for final goodness. It can lead both good in this life and later(if any). At the minimum, it can guarantee a happy life here, provided if you follow the sadhana. I am not sure about the later life. Given that the Sri-Vidya sadhana alone is suffice the better if a sadhaka should concentrate on that, instead of following different different paths. Mixing too many paths can lead frustration and lack of focus. Moroever its an indication that he is not believing strictly in this path.

Mantras — Described
Each mantras, given to the disciple, should be communicated by the guru itself, nor from books or audio clips. Strangely one can see different websites claiming to give distant deeksha, care should be taken to get inititation from such. Tantra sastras suggest such type of deeksha, but it should not be an excuse for fraud attempts.

Each mantra is of certain frequency. You, as a person has a different type of frequency. That frequency is the net total of all the frequencies of your body parts, your individual elements. So when you repeat the mantra , mantra frequency will get manfest , influencing your body frequency. Initially the body will react, but consisent practise will effect the body positively and make it divine.

Scientific vs Emotional Aspects

When I got introduce to this, especially the scientific aspect I was bit reluctant to accept this fact. I was having a concept that God /Devi is sitting somwhere in heaven as you could see in Television/Movie Dramas, and if she/he is omnipotent and knoweldge, whatever form of crying/praying will help. Otherwise one not need not be sadhaka or mantra practioner. Well that thinkign is just emotinal concept and not logical. One is free to think that way and it may give emotional satisfcation. During my early days when I got upset of somethign like that I used to pray/cry before Goddess for getting something. In my case some of them are answers, some are not. This means that praying has not much role in getting benefits. You could see easily that lot of calamities are happening to devotees. In Sabarimala, once during Makaravilakku time a heavy disaster happened and lot of devotees died. All of them perished. Had they prayed/wished for such a disaster. If the merciful lord/goddess is witnessing this, how this type incidents can happen. This all implies that considering some logical behind spiritual practises is definitely needed at this stage.

How society and temple authorities are taking advantage of peoples emotional aspects.

When I visit somtimes at Attukal Temple, at rush times I could see female devotees crying out loudly making disturbance to others. They not even bother to pull out others to watch their favourite devotee. Same happens to all major temples. Another time when I visited Karikkakom temple, I paid Rs 50 for a special archana. Then I paid Rs 15/- for a simple archana. I could see that all those different rates were having same prasadam. The poojari simply takes reciept , fill mix with some ashes and giving return. Devotees accpting that, again giving another Rs 10/- as dakshina and returning.

With full respect to dieties of such temples, I am sorry to say that temple authorities are fooling devotees and taking advantage of their emotional aspects. They had the income to make arrangements for specific poojas, but as seen above devotees should atlast pay the different amounts and to beliave by themselves oh god/goddess will give and everything is based on a faith. For majority, of people,it not matters how they do poojas and they just relying on faith on god.

But on careful analysing can consider this to be a waste of time. The hard earned money which can be used for other purposes is looting in this way. Somtimes the amount may go upto 15000, which can be defintely used for saving or some other good purposes.

I would say from my experience that merely having faith and pray wont help much. That’s a biased opinion for sure, if you feel otherwise I respect your thinking, but I feel the more organised and logical way, the far better. If you look into the studies of different mantras and how it works, even in a least way it has more logical attribute that just trusting on a faith.

Breaking the trend
An awakening is required to break this trend. Careful reflecting and analysing brings more visibility that provided one gets a proper mantra initiation he can more dyanmically interacting to the diety. This presents an interesting fact that when you include a middle person the benfit more attribute to him and only subsidiary to you, as happening in temples. Moneywise and tantrik mantra wise the power more goes to poojari, unless he divert his mind for your benefit, which as you know more than me, is not happening anyway. So direct communication with diety through mantra has its own benefit.

Preliminary steps
I don’t know whether the title “Preliminary” makes sense. It’s not just preliminary its the mandatory steps for chanting every Tantrik Mantras. Universe has different kind of energies and devatas. Are anyone aware about an index by which we can find the list of devatas. Hindu sastras says 33 crores. We cant find any such index, but as a general term everyone says this 33 crore number. Anyway all mantras will have a Rishi. He is the founder of that mantra. He identifies that mantra from universe, presumably through meditation and communicate to rest. Sri Vidya mantras has different kind of Rishis associated with each mantras. The rish is to be respected first before chanting any mantra. I heard from guru that without rishi, Nyasa and dhyana, the mantra would not work out, or lead to contrary results. Nyasa is a process by which one divinises the body different parts using the mantra. This is to be done to remove body impurities and make it more divine so that the the associated diety can be invited. Once nyasa is completed, the dhyana is performed. This has two way purpose, first one is to get an idea oof how the dieity is, second is to invite his presence to your body. Next you will do a pooja, which can be internal or external. In detailed pooja, sadhaka draws that mediated diety through breath outside to a chakra, Sri Chakra in case of sri vidya sadhana, or internally performs sadhana, according to convenience. Manasa pooja is virtual. From the way of meditation internal pooja may be effective, but outside pooja is more real, provided if the sadhaka has more time and energy to do that.

Vignahara mantras,
For some mantras in Sri Vidya vignahra mantras is done before the mantra chanting. This is to done to eliminate negative energy. This negative energies if unchecked may lead to dulness, or laziness. By chanting viganahara mantras, it is ensured that those energies will be counteracted thus leading to an easy sadhana.

Now you just imagine the role of Guru. Without a guru it will be very difficult to follow abov mentioned steps. Many curious persons,got introduced to secretive mantras, my case too same from book or internet, but gets confused in the long run. To avoid such make sure to get from a competent one, rather than googling and get

Once the mantra chanting(daily ) round gets complete, a thankful forgiving note mantra is chanted to requesting diety for forgive for any shortcomings.

The General Trend
There is a general trend in India that chanting all mantras leads to same. That is not wrong. Each deities has an individuality just like we persons do. A one god concept is theoretically satisfactory but practically less relevant. I too had an early belief like this If god is supreme, above and omniprsent any mantrs with devotion wil work out. But you do it practially and learn by your own example.

A one god concept is attractive to people, bcz it leads to belife that all paths lead to same, all paths are same , anyone can take any path. Well its all theoreticall and not practical. Another trend is that spiritual socieites like HareKrishna(iskcon) etc are procliaming to general that only Haris name can save one from all problems and rest are wrong. I request you all to dont fall into such business mentalities. Such theories can make their organisations impact more, but less beneficial to others. Their mantras not have a Rishi, Nyasa or anything and just mantra. Its like a communism movement, by which anyone can do anything. Not just from my mind, I practised mahamantra for a longer days while I was an associate of ISKCON. Yes agree that it gives a smal mental satisfcation, but if you analyse nothing else.

So always , always resort to authentic methods.