How to choose the right Engineering College

In the past few years, the number of engineering colleges has increased enormously. The huge raise in number of engineering colleges in India has made it difficult for the students to choose from. Irrespective of the entrance exam scores, selecting a good engineering college is a tough decision not only for the students but also for their parents.

There are some factors which students usually consider before choosing an engineering college like all India ranking of the college, previous year’s placement scenario and the packages offered by the companies visiting the campus.

Some colleges build their brand name through advertisements and the students get attracted to them. There are colleges which have good academic record because of which they get students enrolled in their college.

In between all this, how can a student choose which college has good faculty and provides better education? There are various factors students should keep in mind while selecting the perfect college for admissions:

· A student can always gather as much information possible from various sources like the fellow students, alumni and college website. Also, a student can personally go to the college campus to enquire the needful details which will help the student to choose the better career.

· In a college, the teaching staff plays an important role. The faculty reflects the education given to the students. A student can enquire about the higher degrees of the teachers.

· Engineering is related to the ongoing developments. Faculty members who are active in research work will have a better understanding of the latest technologies and concepts. Teachers involved in research work can explain concepts in better way.

· A student can check whether the research works by the teachers are funded by industries or government agencies. It depicts that others value their effort.

· A student can look into the kind of seminars, conferences and workshops being conducted by the departments of the college.

· The faculty-student ratio is also an important aspect. It defines the quality of education. More number of students with lesser faculty means the learning outcome is poor. The faculty strength should be sufficient in order to maintain the quality of education. If graduates opt for higher education over jobs, it shows that the college has given them a good learning experience.

· Engineering is all about performing practical. The institute should have good laboratories with modern equipment’s allowing the students to work and learn the concept in a better way.

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Apart from all these factors, a student should know about the infrastructure of the college, library and other facilities on the campus. There are some other factors as well which are to be looked upon before taking admissions.

· Accreditation & Status: Status of the institute is one such major factor. A university status speaks of the academic value the college has. A student needs to be aware of the accreditation (NAAC or NBA) the college has.

· Residence: A fully residential campus provides a better learning environment.

· Curriculum: A student needs to enquire about as to how often the curriculum is updated and the electives it offer.

· Alumnus: An active alumni association is also a factor for picking up a college.