You remember, during our childhood days, we used to have a closed world of our own thoughts? And we used to cry a lot on losing our toy or getting that broken…we used to feel as if that toy was our life and there was no life without that toy...but now when we look back, we understand that the toy was just a toy, it wasn’t life and it was just our innocent mind who had intense attachment with that toy! The life is still the same my friend…here isn’t much difference…it’s just that we have grown up and so have our toys…now our toys are our cars, our phones, our money, our material objects and if you observe keenly, just like the childhood toys, even these big toys doesn’t matter. As a kid we weren’t able to understand this as we had a myopic view (with our small toys) and today as well we don’t understand this as the view is still myopic (with our big toys proportionately).