Tolerance is in the vein of united India’s deep rooted cultural heritage.Peace,brotherhood and tolerance is the brand of India and rest of the world therefore now a day look towards regular violence in the name of intolerance in a religious spectrum.Where is that peace ,which our Mahtma (Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi)was preaching ?Where is that unity and brotherhood ,which our Vivekanand was uttering in the global religious forum ?Where is that service to mankind & Humanity which illustrated by the Late mother of India? Indian democracy really in a very crucial situation ,which may lead towards an ear of autocracy in the name of democracy. The independence of executive, Legislature and judiciary in the name of power separation for the better and transparent governance is ruining day by day. People’s trust on political parties and political leaders deteriorating .Many international agencies including United Nation itself alarmed to the Govt. India over such issues of intolerance which led to many unfortunate killings and violence in this holy soil of Indian Sub-continent.

In regard to the issue of ROHINGYAS ,it is absolute to say that they are sure threat to India’s sovereignty for which the Home Minister still in puzzle ,how to counter and control this issue. As ROHINGYAS tagged with terrorism and terror activities , no land of the globe trusts on them and no nation desire to allow them to stay in. On the other hand ,with the help of our security agencies along with a strict guidelines these ROHINGYA REFUSEES can be kept in our country not permanently but temporarily up to the normalize situation in their own MYANMAR.

At least India should tolerate them in this rainy day of their lives remembering Incredible India’s ancient saying “vasudaiba Kutumbakam”(The entire world is one family).Around 40,000 Rohingyas settled illegally in India when they got no way to settle in their own country. Out of 40000 , 16000 Rohingyas have received refugee documentation.In this regard when the United Nation asked the course of action taken by the Govt of India,Home Minister of State replied with some shocking inputs that India is not a signatory to the Global Refugee Convention and in an appeal United Nation Urged that India can not carry out collective expulsion or return of these innocent people to a place where they risk torture or other serious violations. The united Nation in this regard also said ,” However by virtue of Customary law ,it’s ratification of the international Covenant on civil and political rights , the obligation of due process and the universal principle of non-refoulement.”

The United Nation also warned India in regard to the growing tendency of intolerance across the nation citing the example of torture and violence in the name of cow vigilant or in the name of religion and radicalism. United Nation dismayed by a Himalayan rise of intolerance towards religious and other minorities in India.

The current wave of violent and lethal mob attacks against people under the pretext of protecting the lives of Holy-cow is no doubt alarming. People who speak out for Fundamental Human Right are threatened and killed.

A journalist named Gauri Lankesh who relentlessly took up and addressed the worst effect of hatred was assassinated in the recent past is the brightest example of growing intolerance in India.

United Nation also did an appeal to India to stop the mob-lynching and in this regard ,it said that UN has been heartened by the subsequent marches Calling for protection of the Right to Freedom of Expression and by demonstrations in as many as 12 cities around India to protest the Illegitimate and unwanted Lynching.

Many Human Right Defenders who vow to fight for the Right is the most vulnerable group and they barely need a solid protection from the concerned govt. and departments. India need to initiate an inclusive society and not a society by exclusion or expulsion. As in the case of Sardar Sarovar Dam,still thousands are still waiting to settle down but the concerned government does not desire. United Nation advise in this regard that the govt. should consider these homeless people as their allies with an inclusive mindset in building on India’s achievement to recreate a stringer and a positive inclusive society but many are subject to harassment and even criminal proceedings or denied any protection by the state.

India should be ruled on the basis of our Incredible past with the present needed changes. Intolerance is not all the need of India. Intolerance is not at all the root of socio-economic development .Where intolerance is barely needed ,our govt. at that time becomes a mute spectator .India need to be intolerant in the name of Terrorism, India need to be intolerant in the intervention in India’s safety, security and sovereignty. India need to be intolerant to a case of murder which is occurred once in every 16minute in India. India should have a zero tolerance in the case of rape which is committed in India once in every 14minute.India need to be intolerant in regard to the case of a kidnapping which is occurred in India once in every 7 minute. India barely dare to be intolerant in the case of dowry death which is occurred in India once in every 60 minute. A dalit or any other minority community in India faces torture and is lynched once in every 11 minute.

National Crime Record Bureau-(NCRB) report,an eye opener to the Union Govt. of India including many State Govt. about sky rocketing crime growth in India.Govt. need to be intolerant in regard to these cases instead of approaching the unwanted intolerance which often leads to riot and violence with loss of both govt. and private properties.

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