My Four Goals this 2016

Let’s just say that 2015 has been a flat year for me. Although there are many blessings to count, it was still unfulfilling as it is. I’m hoping for a better future- we all are. Who’s not right? So as this year starts I want to share the three things that I want to change in my life- hopefully, I can make progressive steps as the year goes by and more so, that I can stick with it throughout the rest of the ages. Here goes:

1. Exercise more- get toned and pull my weight back at 53 kgs (I’m currently at 60).

I am a Nutritionist by profession and being healthy is my bread and butter. You don’t realize but it’s actually everyone's responsibility. So yes, last January 1, I bought a new pair of running shoes that I hope would inspire me to really put the effort. I can be a morning person or an evening person, depending on the day I guess.

My plan is to start gradually. Well, I don’t really believe in gradual, and then take little steps and then increase intensity. I get bored with that. But I would try to do TTH per week. In the morning from 5:30–6:30 AM. And then do at least a two-hour run at night on Wednesdays. I’m already creating a calendar that would guide me through this month.

As they say, tracking your progress is one of the key tips in practically doing everything. It’s a great reward to see where you are now and how far you’ve gone in a certain task. So yes- keep a log book! Use an App. It doesn’t matter- YOU CHOOSE, but I’ll be using a simple Sharpie and paper.

2. Save More. Strictly impose ‘20%-mine’ on any income that I acquire

I forgot where I read this but I suppose this is from the Great Warren Buffet. The rule suggests that you have to ‘pay yourself’ at least 20% (or you can set this, depending on your financial situation) as your savings from every penny that comes in.

Have you considered that every time you get your paycheck and you buy something- you’re actually paying the merchants first? — and not yourself. I’ve never seen this that way but well, this would be a great start if I can manage to pull it off. Mr. Buffet also stressed out that our savings should be put aside first and then create our budget from what’s left and not the other way around.

Also, I want to cut off my impulsive purchases. I am in a very stressful environment right now and I might say I use it to reason out my unplanned purchases and eat-outs. It’s been killing my savings.

Another thing that I would like to do is to actually target a savings level. I work in sales and every month we try to reach our quota so I thought, why not do it in my savings? Not just the 20% but actually doing some extra work (as a Freelancer) to reach a certain quota.

I have learned that there are three ways to acquire wealth. These methods have been discussed within a vast number of financial and self-help books. I thought you should know.

Rule 1: Save your money.

Rule 2: Lessen your expenses.

Rule 3: Invest.

I’m practically doing all those things, it’s just that the needs are greater than that, add the wants and then Baaaaam. I’m drowning.

If you have this particular goal in your 2016 list, I hope this can help.

3. Search for Greener Pastures

People hate the 9–5 jobs. I actually think that that is a brilliant way to organize our life and just you know, promote the work-life balance idea. People tell me to start a business because there are many who really make money out of it but I just can’t. The corporate job is hardwired within me. I wanted to get out of the rat race one day, but I don’t think I’m ready yet.

…And, I think the rat race isn’t so bad (when you put a rat in it, it does) but let’s think of it as a life race. Where work-life balance is a moot idea and that working smart is very much underrated.

I want to be in the promise land and to work for some coporate jaggernauts that has a solid system in making money and creating value at the same time. Let’s face it, a lot of multinationals are already restructuring their organizations towards a more employee-friendly environment. I want to learn and grow in that kind of environment. I don’t really mind stress, just that I get compensated and valued as I deserved to be and of course, I want to love my organization and work.

Two words for this section- DREAM JOB. I have been dying to go in the promised land for two years…just hope this is my year.

4. Try to do the things I want to try

UX design is shimmering in my eyes. I am actually trying to re-design a lot of sites that I think needs a little more tweak and those that needs a complete renovation. Books about UX and even more articles around made me very particular on every site I visit. I see everything. The data moving this way and that way, the clicks, the UI design that complements the entire theme. The thing is I don’t know where to start and I don’t know if I would even continue.

Well, I suppose you have a lot of these hobbies, things that you think can actually be more than just a hobby itself, make you enjoy life a little bit more and put value on that 9–5 day job. I suggest we go for it eh? I’m almost finished with this mock-up that I’ve been building for this really big telecom company, send it over and then wait for mercy. They’re big but their site is a jungle.

Going to Vietnam and South Korea is also on the top of my head. I haven’t had a good vacation last year so I am really hoping I could squeeze in a few days at the Ha Long Bay and another at Seoul this year.

250 Books! Goodreads is already urging people for a reading challenge and I just clocked my first book out of the 250 books I put for my challenge. The Red Queen was my first book this year. It’s really great. Let me think on a review on that book later on. I have to say, I read a lot of smut books last year- I think it’s the golden age of smut peddling so I practically joined in. This year, I hope to read more on the historical fiction and YA, which is more amusing than I originally thought.

Anyway, there’s just one attitude to greet 2016 and that’s with excitement. We can also hope for the best of course, but come on, don’t believe that crap. We have to make things happen. I think my goals are pretty similar to everybody's but well, it would seem like they’re there every year and I would really like to not see them next year, except the do-the-things-I-want-to-try part.

Just a little reminder from the late Randy Pausch who gave my college life a boost back in 2008.

“Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things.” -Randy Pausch

I will be trying to post progress per quarter and I hope you can join me along.

Oh, and how about you? What are your goals this year?

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