Own Less But Higher Quality Things That You Absolutely Love
The Art of Living Deliberately and Designing Your Life
Srinivas Rao

This is one of the things I started doing the moment I got a job. Really — this helps! Most of the things that I own before are rubbish so when I can finally make my own money, I tried buying the mid-expensive things but have better quality than the cheap things I used to get (from hand-me-downs). This has a lot of benefits. For one, you’re buying quality and doing that, for example, you get better fit on your clothes- you look good so you feel better. Second, you will not waste time checking for other things online or at the mall. I realized this second benefit when I bought a sub par case for my cellphone. I used to browse an e-commerce site to check out other ones and then when I finally got what I wanted, I stopped visiting that site all together. By buying what you really want, even if it comes with a price, you get something that you can’t buy — peace of mind.

Although I hope you don’t go overboard and trade the things you need for the things you want.

So yeah! Kudos for including this on the list.

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