You have to care

‘Passion is overrated’- it’s posted everywhere in the internet and a supposed to be battle cry for writers who wanted to expose the sadness of the word and the expectations it can conjure. Many people are finding it but what the hell is it anyway?

It’s very true that successful and happy people are passionate about what they do. It would take years of hard work to make something out of nothing and to finally make people believe in you — passion can fuel that. It can inspire creativity, make you value the tiny details that make the bigger picture glow and supplement the persistence that you need to make it to the next day. It’s a very important recipe for success that people are dying to know what they truly want in life. I want to make this short- the things that you care about right now, those places your mind visit when it wanders? That’s exactly what you’re passionate about.

When I graduated from college, I thought I could be what I want to be. It turns out, I can’t…yet. I deluded myself of this idea — too many ideas that pushed me to travel to my own dream land without any concrete pavement. You know, just Lala-land. I landed my first job on my butt as well. This isn’t what it’s supposed to be. The pay was crap, the bosses are crapp-er (sorry, but it’s true) but the people were very very nice so I decided to stay. For two years I prayed to the Almighty God to help me find my way out of that place. I promised and promised myself that I will resign the next month, then the next, then the next. It took me 29 ‘nexts’. Of course it’s not that waste at all. I’ve been given opportunities that wouldn’t have been available if I’m working for another company, but I didn’t care.

Then finally, the call came. I got into a bigger company, promised higher pay and very nice benefits. But as of now, I don’t like to think that that’s it. For the most part, I hated the bigger picture of what I do.

That’s when the epiphany hit me like a brick. I was begging for a passion from the Almighty well in fact, I have a lot of things that I wanted to do- I already know them. I just can’t do them right then. And as I continue to ponder why not? I got nothing — just a really big pity party extravaganza for almost 3 years.

You have to care. Even just a tiny feeling of ‘care’ about something that does not point to your financial woes. It should be more than that. I want to become a digital artist, book reviewer, food writer and photographer and UI/UX designer. Come to think about it, I can do all that today. It may not transform to money for now but I’m starting.

Care that you enjoy what you do, with the people who also enjoy doing it with you. Care that you won’t allow any miss in quality. You have to care for that high standard that you set right alongside your name. You have to care and fight the blues of making mistakes and having a bad day. You have to care for learning and that commitment in your ‘relentless pursuit for excellence’. You have to care to make room for errors and improvements- You have to care for what you do. Care is a lot like love — it’s more of a verb than a noun.

I wrote this mess with a crappy mood so I don’t think I made a lot of sense or a new breakthrough since a lot of writers here in Medium is very much active when it comes to this. I just want to share this simple idea to find your way- start with the things you care about.