Stabbed Secrets

In delightful glee, eyes flashing, she inserts the knife into the form of her hate, giving it a subtle twist, just enough, so that her rival knows it is her.

Her who has stabbed the secrets into light that have power to enviously annihilate, oh yes, all that her prey holds of value.

The inky blackness oozes from her victim, causing an anguished moan to pass the graceful lips of the one she spits her venom at.

Finally, she sneers, the one she despises is torn apart and broken at her feet, never to be the same again.

But, what is this, her enmity is extending a delicate hand to the knight of both their hearts, and he is reaching back for hers.

No, she screams in bitter fury, as she watches her knife infliction heal under his adoring care, and realizes the one she loathes has survived the secrets meant to destroy.

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