Why is Philly so late? Philadelphians await modern technology in the city’s transportation industry

By Anjelica De

America’s first capitol. Home of America’s first zoo. Somehow, someway the City of Brotherly Love has fallen behind. A municipality of more than 1.5 million people, Philadelphia seems to have lost its “first” place in line. Even with start-ups like ChargeItSpot calling the city home, Philly is now well-known for its pure lateness. Specifically regarding innovative, forward and convenient technologies in the transportation industry.

Early this week, headlines read, “PPA Suspends Mobile App Payment.” Referencing Philly’s first parking app, MeterUp, powered through Pango. Stories informed readers of the complete shut down of Pango for Philly drivers starting promptly at midnight on Wednesday, April 12th. According to sources, Pango faces financial issues that have caused contractor deals to plunge — including the contractor responsible for running user credit cards through the MeterUp app.

Just over a year ago, Philly drivers were given access to the convenience of paying for public parking with this new age technology. Drivers could avoid the hassle of carrying enough cash to cover parking fees and could reload payments without making a trip back to the vehicle with the Pango app — available on Apple and Android devices. But for now, that’s all gone.

Philly should expect to get notice of a new parking app sooner than later. Sources report that those in charge are doing research and hope to bring a new contractor on board in just days.

But Philadelphians have been waiting for other technologies to take over the city including easy to use, reloadable passes to use across the city’s Southeastern Transportation Authority (SEPTA) public transportation lines. After seeing new practices in extended pilot phases, we’re still waiting for a full rollout. Can we depend on our city to come through with the convenience that we need? After all we are one of the nation’s largest urban areas.

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